Looking for Roofing Materials for Your Home? Try Out These

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Looking for Roofing Materials for Your Home? Try Out These

New innovations and changing trends in the world of construction have given rise to new types of roofing solutions, roofing materials, and styles. Choosing the perfect roof for your home can be very confusing because it involves a lot of brainstorming. Hence in this article, we have listed down some of the best materials for roofing. 


Let Have a Look At 6 Different Types of Roofing Materials:


1. Rolled Roofing


This is one of the cheapest option available if you do not want the usual shingles on your roof. This roofing system is very easy to install and the home owner can do it themselves too. Rolled roofing come in rolls of different sizes that you can pick up from any roofing store. But be informed that even though rolled roofing is cheaper, easy to install, thinner, they are less durable. It is not recommended to be used for residential places it is widely used for places like sheds, garage, barns etc. The rolled roofing solution is made from asphalt.


2. Built-up Roofing


This heavy roofing is only for flat roofs and consists of layers of asphalt, tar, or adhesive topped with an aggregate. These roofs can become sticky in the summer, and shoveling snow off of them is more difficult than on smooth surfaces. They have a 20 to 25-year lifespan.


3. Membrane Roofs


Membrane roofing is a form of roofing system that is designed to prevent leaks and pooling that are common with other types of roofing materials. Many homes and businesses are increasingly replacing their conventional asphalt roofs with this device. It is often used on flat or very gently sloped roofs. Thermoset membranes, thermoplastic membranes, and modified bitumen membranes are the three most common forms of membrane roofing systems.


4. Using Shingles


For over a century, shingles have been used on roofs. Since asphalt is fire resistant, it is an excellent roofing material. Asphalt shingles are currently made of fiberglass or another material, which is then coated in asphalt. Asphalt is only applied to one side of some shingles, while asphalt is applied to both sides of others. For decades, shingles have been the most common roofing material among roofers and homeowners alike. This popularity stems from the fact that they are the most robust and cost-effective of all roofing choices. Other advantages include the ability to choose from a variety of colors and the fact that they can withstand extreme temperatures.


5. Slates


When slate was first used, it was very costly, and only lords and ladies could afford a slate roof. Slate roofs have become a more cost-effective roofing choice thanks to new ways of processing slate. Slate's natural appearance, superior fire resistance, longevity, and 100-year lifetime are all advantages. It is simply stunning as a roofing material and has been used by architects for many years due to its simplicity. Slate is often resistant to a variety of weather events that would cause problems for other roofing materials. It can withstand strong winds, a lot of rain, and hail. In reality, hail up to four inches in diameter can cause damage to slate roofs. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes.


Final Verdict


If you're unsure about which roofing material is best for you or which choices are best for your specific wants and needs, contact a team of roofing experts who will assist you in making the best decision and getting your roofing system built quickly and efficiently. Request a free consultation and get the roof of your dreams with the roofing materials that are ideal for your house. Give a call right now to get started on your new roof installation.

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