Looking For Driveway Caulking Companies? Here Is What You Should Expect

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Your driveway might seem to be a permanent investment but it too has a shelf life that depends largely on the climate and other conditions it exists in. On average driveways last you for 10-15 years which can be increased through regular maintenance and timely repairs.


One such repair process is caulking which includes the sealing of cracks and gaps without sealing the whole pavement. This saves time, money, and manpower while having benefits, one of which is the prevention of percolation of water which can ruin your concrete driveway.


If you are considering driveway resurfacing companies that specialize in caulking services then here are a few things you should expect from these specialized services.


What is caulking?


Concrete driveway repair is of two kinds depending on the size of cracks and weathering, one includes leveling while the other is caulking. While concrete is leveled in order to repair the driveway, driveway caulking companies carefully check each slab to be in alignment with the rest of the surrounding slabs. If not? Material is pumped to elevate the wrongly aligned slabs after which the gaps, cracks, and joints are filled with a material called caulk which prevents water from seeping down into the concrete. This helps to prevent the early damage of the driveway.




You can consider caulking your driveway on your own but it is always best to seek professional help as they are well-equipped and can do the work professionally in less time.


Materials Used:


Caulk Gun: the equipment with which the caulk is pushed into the cracks.

Caulk: there are many variants, the two most popular are non-sag caulk which is a thicker material, and self-leveling caulk a thinner material.

Dry sand: best you use this to blend the caulk in your concrete.

Spray bottle: if using non-sag caulk, consider filling your spray bottle with soap water as this will help in smoothening the caulk.


Step-by-Step Guide


Make sure every crack is cleaned and free from debris before caulking.

If your crack is too wide then it is best to use a backer rod that is a bit larger than the crack. Fill the top of the rod with sand and then with the caulk mixture. Make sure the mixture poured is the perfect amount, too much will cause issues in the leveling of driveway too less will cause water to seep.

If using non-sag caulk then use soap water to smoothen the thick mixture.

Depending on the texture and colour of the caulk you can use sand to add the missing texture and match it with the concrete colour.


Even when it seems easy to DIY, it is best to seek help from driveway caulking companies for a better look, finished service. This will save time, prevent costly mistakes and will be a good investment since it is your driveway.


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