London Heathrow airport taxi

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 London Heathrow airport taxi
The Cabhit compares the prices and waiting times between the different taxi and VTC companies in the Heathrow region.

Finding the best price for your trip by car with driver, without having to open and enter the same trip in several applications, this is the purpose of VTC and taxi comparators. One of the most recent is called Cabhit. For a given trip, this comparator lists the prices of the various private hire companies operating in the London Heathrow airport taxi region.

The result also gives the waiting time to reserve a car and the time of arrival at the final address. Once the route has been chosen, the Cabhit refers directly to that of the passenger transport company validated by the customer.

By comparing the offers of the VTC's own platforms and comparators, price differences appear, often to the benefit of the latter. For example, for a trip between the 15th and 11th London, Cabhit offers a price of cheap prices. On the other platforms, the price is more precise: 31.66 euros in real-time.

Same observation on many other Taxi companies where the journey is 4 euros more expensive when, at the same time, the request is made directly on the taxi application. By playing more on the comparison between different tariffs, Cabhit estimates that it saves on average 7 euros to its customers. In times of high demand, as many users fear during this period of the public transport strike.

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