Lived with HIV for thirty years and became a multimillionaire. Magic Johnson reveals his secrets.

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The world is waiting for a series about the great Lakers point guard who doesn't want to be overshadowed by Michael Jordan. The success of the documentary mini-series "The Last Dance", which tells about the career of the great Michael Jordan, haunts major studios and streaming platforms. HBO expected a similar effect from Tiger (2020), but the ups and downs in the life of the world's most famous golfer have not received such widespread recognition. More chances to capture the minds of contemporaries in the series about the Lakers  mostbet  legend Magic Johnson, whose fate has repeatedly tested him for strength. One of the greatest basketball players in NBA history, he won five championship rings (nine finals in total), forever changed the idea of ​​a point guard and, together with his eternal rival Larry Byrd, laid the foundations of the modern NBA ... He became the first star in the usual sense of the word: natural charm, openness to the media, the manners of a TV star and many myths around his person.

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