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We think that enrolling in an Engineering college is because of the four-year degree we will receive. These four years are the most important experience in our lives and the only thing that will stay with us forever is being Engineer. There are many subjects, internals, and assignments.

You also have to complete projects, end-of-term exams, and other assignments. You may go backpacking with your friends, or start a backlog. Whatever happens, these four years of experience will shape you into the person you are today. Let's get a glimpse into the life of an Engineering student.


Course Structure:

Although the first year can be difficult academically, it's also an opportunity to explore the possibilities that exist. There are many options. Symbiosis Technology has a B.Tech. if you want to specialize in Computer Science. Computer Science degree with specializations in software quality, cybersecurity, and machine learning. While you should take the Core Courses, you should carefully plan the elective courses and specialization courses you will choose after your first year.


Culture and Hostel Life:

This is where all the learning will take place. Living with people from different parts of the country allows you to appreciate the diversity and bring your unique personality to college culture. This is often the most enriching experience. Engineering Colleges offer many clubs and societies.

The college offers music and dance clubs, photography clubs, fine arts societies, innovation and creativity cells, green cells, literary clubs, and theatre clubs, just like Symbiosis Institute of Technology. There are also many indoor and outdoor sports teams and clubs. Join a few clubs and take a break from academics. You should aim to be a leader within one club by the end of your third or fourth year.


Competitions / Events:

After you have joined a club, society, or organization, you'll be ready for inter-college competitions, challenges, and fests. These can be technical or cultural. These events can be highly competitive and prestigious. These events are not only valuable learning opportunities, but also provide a way for students to integrate into college culture and give them experiences they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

SIT teaches students how to be socially responsible and not only the curriculum. SIT provides students with a platform to invent and help rural India, as well as the community at large.


College Laboratories:

Engineering is defined as using your hands and skills. Many colleges have excellent laboratories, whether they are automotive, robotics, or computer labs. You can spend time in the labs learning new things. This is not only fun but also prepares you to work on the shop floor during your internship.


Mentor-Mentee bond:

Sometimes students think college is about making friends. It is not enough to attend classes for grades. The professors are the best resource a college has to offer. Spend time with them during office hours or in the evenings. You can discuss industry conditions, future career plans, and just about any other topic. Sometimes you just need to have a cup with them. These mentors are knowledgeable, caring, and experienced. You'll be amazed at the depth of your perspective. You will have a wonderful four years. Learn to think and live independently. Here's a list of engineering colleges in Pune.

College Of Engineering, Pune.

Bharati Vidyapeeth is Deemed University College Of Engineering, Pune.

MIT College Of Engineering, Pune.

DY Patil University, Pune

AISSMS College Of Engineering, Pune.

Modern PE Society College Of Engineering, Pune


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