Learn to Draw Whiteboard Animation Characters Easily!

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The Whiteboard Animation Resources is the tools that you need for incorporating animation characters on the whiteboard. You can use the drawing resources to make your audience understand the message of your presentation or whiteboard animation. These drawing tools enable the people to see the characters as they move across the screen. It helps in conveying the message in a better way. In order to create amazing animation characters, you have to follow some steps.

For drawing the character, you will require the background and the sketch tools. The backgrounds are available free over the internet. The Sketch tools enable you to draw the shapes of the sketches. You can use the basic shape drawing tools to create the sketch.

After creating the sketch, it is better to add the design over the sketch. This will enhance the whiteboard animation characters. After adding the design, you need to erase the excess design from the whiteboard animation. You should use the eraser to erase the unnecessary parts of the design. The last step is to join the parts together. You should start the animation by joining the head and the hands of the cartoon character.

The next step is to select the drawing tool and place it on the whiteboard animation drawing area. You can start with the pen stroke drawing. You should create a straight line between the two points. You can also add some trails with a straight line drawing.

For the following step you have to draw the eye. It is better to draw an eye in the beginning of the presentation so that you can practice it later. You can begin drawing the eye by following the pencil traces. You should use light colored pencils and begin from the outside of the eye to the center of the eye.

For the following step, you can choose the marker tools like the marker pen and the marker stick to draw the outline of the head. You should add a little bit of black outline to the whiteboard animation characters so that you can see the lines clearly. You can also draw some eye shadows around the forehead and the nose. For the following step, you can use the wide-toothed comb to draw the eyebrows.

The last step is to add the body of the whiteboard animation characters. First of all, you should draw the body by using the shape tool. Then, you should add the arms and legs of the cartoon character. After adding all the body parts, you should erase any white space in between the body parts. After that, you can start drawing the facial features of your character.

The last step is to draw the hairstyle and the eyes of the cartoon character. For the last step, you should erase the upper portion of the image until you get to the hairline. Then, you should draw the eyes of the character by using the pen tool. For the following steps, you can use the round brush and the eraser at the same time to remove the extra lines. After that, you should create a smooth and round body with the help of the gradient tool.

These are some simple steps that you should follow to draw the whiteboard animation characters. It is very important for you to have proper concentration while drawing such cartoons because the smoothness of the motion depends on it. You should also try to draw all the details carefully so that you can improve your skill in doing it. You should try to avoid the problem of drawing by copying the image from the screen because it may cause blurring of the details.

If you want to make your whiteboard animation characters more appealing, you can add a splash of color to them. For this purpose, you should use the brush and the color pencils. However, you should select different colors for every part of the sketch so that it looks unique and beautiful. You should try to make your sketches as realistic as possible. After that, you should be ready to display these sketches in your school or office.

In addition to that, you should always draw the whiteboard animation characters with the help of a marker which is dry. This will make the drawing easy and accurate. Moreover, you should not draw any line between the two images as it may cause the sketch to become blurred. Last but not the least; try to apply some of the tips and techniques while drawing. These tips will not only make your drawing better but also help you to improve your artistic skills in drawing various kinds of sketches. Therefore, if you want to learn to draw whiteboard animation characters, you should always follow all these tips.


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