Kumkumadi Tailam : ultimate guide to the miracle beauty oil

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Since days of yore, individuals have tried different things with the spices and normal fixings around them and attempted to mix their integrity into one amazing elixir Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation.

Ayurveda as well, Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation one such formula that is disregarded ages as a marvel mysterious.

Portrayed as ‘Inexplicable Elixir’; it’s said that kneading your face with it around evening time will make your face ‘shine like gold.’

This excellence elixir is as a matter of fact Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation .

It is viewed as Ayurveda’s significant blessing to humankind for its uncanny capacity to kill skin-related issues and draw out the skin’s characteristic sparkle. The name Kumkumadi comes from one of its key fixings – red-gold Saffron, which is known as Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation in Sanskrit.

In this article, we’ll take a gander at the fundamental advantages of Kumkumadi oil, its fixings, how to apply it, and answer the significant inquiries around its utilization. To begin with, we should get down to the rudiments.


What is Kumkumadi Oil? (Also, Its Top Benefits)

Instructions to Use Kumkumadi Oil: Three Simple Steps

What is Kumkumadi Tailam Made Of – Top Oil Ingredients

FAQ About Kumkumadi Oil


What is Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation ? (What’s more, Its Top Benefits)

Made altogether from normal spices and oils, Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation (likewise called Kumkumadi Tailam) is an Ayurvedic facial oil. It gives corrective just as remedial impacts for the skin without creating any harm. Other than sustaining the skin, it additionally functions as a cleaning agent, toner, and lotion.

The most significant advantages of Kumkumadi Tailam are:

Filling in as a characteristic skin illuminator by easing up the skin tone and improving skin surface,

Limiting dark circles and fixing hyperpigmentation just as indications of maturing,

Disposing of skin staining,

Treating flaws and scars,

Lighting up dull skin.

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However, how is this oil fit for offering such countless advantages?

Indeed, the mysterious lies in the fixings used to set it up. There are some incredible, regular and Ayurvedic Kumkumadi oil fixings that give one of a kind advantages to our skin. We’ll take a gander at those fixings in the later part of the article.

One compelling Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation facial oil is Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid Night Serum. It is recommended in Ayurveda for gleaming composition and even skin tone, among numerous other Kumkumadi Tailam uses and advantages.

Instructions to Use Kumkumadi Oil: Three Simple Steps

The following are three stages to utilize Kumkumadi oil as our Kumkumadi Oil-based night serum. Follow this system to light up and treat dull, pigmented, harmed and maturing skin.


Start with purging your face as normal around evening time. Subsequent to purging, hose your skin with Pure Rose/Mogra/Lavender/Vetiver water.

2.Facial Oiling

Take (2-3 drops) of Kumkumadi Night Serum on your palm, apply over the face with fingertips and delicately rub onto the skin until completely ingested.


Permit the Kumkumadi Night Serum to turn out for the time being for the best outcomes. Wash it next morning with a gentle common chemical.

Here are the video guidelines that disclose how to utilize this Kumkumadi Oil.

What is Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation Made Of – Top Oil Ingredients

Kumkumadi Tailam is set up from a home grown glue of more than 21 spices. Practically all the Ayurvedic spices helpful for skin are utilized as Kumkumadi oil fixings. These fixings are first made into a decoction. At that point, sesame oil is added as the base oil to assimilate the strong energy of the spices.

Here, we should view the Kumkumadi Tailam benefits given by every one of these fixings.

Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation

The most notable element of Kumkumadi Tailam is Saffron (Keshara), which is legendary for its capacity to change your skin tone. By restoring the skin cells and advancing blood dissemination, it lights up the composition.

saffron in kumkumadi oil

Another fixing with a similar capacity is Sandalwood (Chandana) got from fragrant wood of the Sandalwood tree. It contains skin easing up specialists with mitigating properties that make the oil reasonable for application even in summers.

On the off chance that you need to utilize Kumkumadi Tailam for skin brightening or lighting up, you can depend on these fixings to normally draw out a sparkling composition.

Figure out how to get sparkling skin normally

Kumkumadi Oil For Healing from Skin Infections

Kumkumadi Tailam utilizes are not restricted to skin lighting up. On the off chance that you’ve any skin conditions like imperfections, or specific sorts of bacterial or contagious contaminations, you can recuperate them normally by utilizing Kumkumadi Oil.

The oil gets its antifungal properties from Lac (Laksha). It’s gotten from the resinous emission of lac creepy crawlies and demonstrates amazingly valuable in treating skin diseases.

Note – Kama’s arrangement of Kumkumadi Miraculous Night Serum is 100% natural, and pitilessness free and no creatures/creepy crawlies are hurt during the time spent sourcing Lac.

Alongside Lac, numerous other Ayurvedic fixings present in the oil help in skin recuperating.

Gotten from a perpetual climber filling in the Himalayas, Indian Madder (Manjistha) gives antibacterial and mitigating properties. Concentrates from Sappan Wood or Indian Redwood (Pattanga) and Pollen of Lotus blossom (Kamala Keshara) give Kumkumadi Tailam recuperating properties and deal with conditions like skin aggravation.

kumkumadi oil fixings

Kumkumadi Oil for Treating Pigmentation and Discolouration

Quite possibly the most basic elements of Kumkumadi Oil is in treating staining and pigmentation of the skin. A characteristic skin easing up Ayurvedic fixing, Licorice root extricate (Madhuyashtika) in Kumkumadi Oil restrains the catalyst that makes pigmentation accordingly sun openness. It additionally helps in lessening the dull pigmentation coming about because of scars.

Wild Himalayan Cherry (Padma), Leaves of the Banyan tree (Nyarodhna) and Vetiver roots (Usheera) present in Kumkumadi Tailam are other Ayurvedic spices that are compelling in lighting up the composition and treating skin staining uncovering a smoother, more youthful looking appearance. These fixings make Kumkumadi Oil a well known Ayurvedic medication for hyperpigmentation.

Dull spots, a typical condition related with skin pigmentation, can likewise be dealt with normally by utilizing Kumkumadi Thailam.

Figure out how to eliminate dull spots for your skin normally

Nonetheless, in case you’re searching for disposing of tan from everywhere your body, at that point Nalpamaradi Thailam is suggested.

Figure out how to utilize Nalpamaradi Thailam to eliminate tan

Kumkumadi Oil for Regulating Oiliness

Do you have sleek skin? Is it true that you are stressed that utilizing Kumkumadi Tailam as a facial oil will make your skin considerably more sleek? While numerous facial oils are not reasonable for slick skin, Kumkumadi oil has novel fixings that are proper and furthermore useful for sleek skin!

Take, for example, Indian Barberry (Kaliyaka) present in Kumkumadi oil. The spice is known for its capacity to decrease the creation of skin lipids (or sebum). This fixing makes the oil ideal for unclogging pores, subduing slick skin and forestalling skin inflammation.

The concentrate from the seed of Blue Lotus (Neelotpala) is additionally present in the oil. This concentrate is a characteristic cream that outcomes in gleaming skin by adjusting sleekness and forestalling breakouts. Not just this, the musky scented Mahua (Madhuka) blossoms used to set up the oil gives it cooling properties and the usefulness as a skin toner.

In any case, note that simply utilizing only a couple of drops of the oil is sufficient when you’re utilizing it for slick skin type.

Kumkumadi Oil for Hydration and Moisturization

Kumkumadi Tailam is maybe the most hydrating and supporting facial serum that you can decide for your skin.

Do you know why? This is on the grounds that a blend arranged from 10 amazing Ayurvedic roots from plants like Bael and Indian Trumpet Flower, known as Dashamool, is available in Kumkumadi Oil. Because of this, the oil is powerful in treating inordinate dryness of the skin.

Then, we should get a couple of free from the most widely recognized inquiries around the oil.

FAQ About Kumkumadi Oil

Would it be able to be utilized for slick skin? What might be said about delicate skin? Are there no results? Indeed, even while utilizing the best Kumkumadi Tailam, you can have a few questions as a primary concern. We’ve covered every one of them beneath. How about we start by checking the reasonableness of the oil for dry skin types.

(Note: These answers are explicit to Kumkumadi Thailam as Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi Oil Miraculous Beauty Night Serum.)

Is Kumkumadi Oil reasonable for dry skin?

Kumkumadi Oil is a characteristic lotion that utilizations Sesame oil as the base oil. It adjusts dry and unpleasant skin by righteousness of its Vata placating nature. Subsequently, it is helpful for dry skin. You can expand the quantity of drops to 4-5 if your skin is dry.

Is Kumkumadi Oil appropriate for slick skin?

Indeed, Kumkumadi Tailam is appropriate for slick skin. Nonetheless, the most well-known disclaimer joined to the oil is don’t over-use Kumkumadi Tailam in the event that you have slick skin. It is unwise to keep a thick layer of this oil around evening time. Lessen the quantity of drops to 1-2. Leave it on for a couple of hours and afterward wash off with a gentle cleaning agent.

Is Kumkumadi Oil reasonable for skin break out inclined skin?

Kumkumadi Oil isn’t reasonable for skin break out inclined skin. You can check our Anti-Acne Skin Care range for skin break out related issues.

Is Kumkumadi Oil appropriate for touchy skin?

For touchy skin, fix testing is suggested. Start with less amount for a more limited length and bit by bit increment it. Hydrate and tone with Rose Water on the off chance that you have slick and touchy skin and with Mogra Water in the event of dry and delicate skin.

Would i be able to apply Kumkumadi Oil after my night cream?

Take a stab at utilizing Kumkumadi Oil for Pigmentation and your night cream on substitute evenings. In the event that you experience any skin issues, it’s best not to blend the two.

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