Kimchi Fried Rice Is a Family Favorite

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Kimchi Fried Rice Is a Family Favorite

Many of the most loved recipes to make at home are comfort food, and kimchi fried rice is a classic family-pleasing Korean comfort food dish. It's quick to make a requires only kimchi, rice, and flavoring ingredients that are readily available from your favorite Asian grocery store. Part of creating an outstanding batch is combining the ingredients with finesse – when you do it well, the recipe always turns out better. If you've never before made kimchi fried rice at home, it's an excellent menu option on a busy night when you need a meal that cooks up quickly. Your family will ask you to make it again!

The recipe works ideally with mature kimchi because its juices ferment, which means natural sugar becomes lactic acid. The result is a sour flavor that's enjoyably richer. There's a simple way to make it vegan if you omit the egg on top at the end. Also, if you want a batch of vegan kimchi fried rice, read the label to make sure you have a vegan-friendly option. Some food processors add brine shrimp of fish sauce. On the other hand, if your family likes a heartier meal, you can add meat or tofu to give your fried rice a shot of protein. For an authentic flavor burst, you can toss in chopped bacon or sausage.

The kimchi itself has a lot of flavor, which means the fired rice is flavorful without a long list of ingredients. Browse some recipes online to find one you like best, and you'll notice they are all relatively simple. But whatever your recipe calls for, the dish will turn out better depending on how you combine the ingredients. Chefs recommend you start by squeezing the juice out of the kimchi and measure it. You'll be re-adding the juice later, but in the right amount for the recipe rather than whatever happens to be left in the jar. You'll also notice the squeezed kimchi picking up more flavor as it is fried.

Another chef trick is to drizzle a bit of sesame oil over the rice before you fry it. It will help separate rice grains during frying and add a nice nutty flavor that your family will like. Also, fry the kimchi first so that its flavor coats the pan. Then later, as you add the liquid ingredients, toss and fry continuously until everything evaporates. You'll end up with rice that's coated with all of the flavorings and utterly delicious. Experienced cooks continue frying the rice until it turns dark brown, not only because it looks good but also because it picks up the flavor. It is a dish that turns out better with the proper technique.

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