Key trends to consider while developing mobile app

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Key trends to consider while developing mobile app
Many organizations across the world have understood the role of mobile app development in business growth. The impact that a mobile app holds is immense in today’s digital age. With so many new trends approaching the market now and then, it has become absolutely essential to give your business that digital edge with mobile app development. Be it any business multiple apps like location-based apps, mobile games, virtual reality app, and many more, are certainly going to add more value to your business. According to research by Statista, mobile apps are going to generate near about $188.9 billion global revenue by 2020.

When it comes to app development in USA, mobile app developers in the USA are in constant search of something new and innovative in the technical field. By integrating some of the latest trends in mobile app development, they are coming up with some of the most profit yielding apps. And if you are about to give your business a valuable gift with mobile app development,

Then here are some of the key trends to consider while developing a mobile app:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been a boon to tech lovers, especially for the app developers. With such increased demand for machine learning and artificial intelligence, the revenue earned with just virtual assistants and chatbots is breathtaking. The International Data Corporation mentioned that the AI industry itself would be making $40 billion by the year 2020. The constant need for AI and machine learning will keep increasing along with the increase in mobile app development.

2. Wearable in mobile app development
Wearables are becoming an important part of the app development industry nowadays. Especially in the fitness industry, smartwatches are a craze! This trend is about to take a new turn with many big names like Zomato and Uber investing in wearable devices. The progressive growth of this trend can be tracked by the statistics shared by Statista mentioning that by
2017 the number of wearable devices has reached 453 million and is expected to hit a benchmark of 929 million by 2021.

3. Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways
With everything going digital, online payment gateways and mobile wallets are the next big thing. Being one of the most integral parts of any product based or e-commerce mobile application development, Mobile wallets, and payment gateways are a must. It adds value to your application and makes it more trustworthy and safer for users to use. With a payment gateway or mobile wallet, your mobile app not only becomes a hassle-free one spot application but also brings in more sales. If you deal in e-commerce, then this trend is a must consider for your mobile application development.

4. Chatbots
As mentioned in earlier points, how important AI is going to be, Chatbots are definitely going to be a crucial deciding factor for your application’s success. As per the Statista, the global Chatbot market is growing to 1250 million U.S. dollars by 2025, and it is going to be a must-have for all the applications. Being an important part of the digital reality chatbots are much more time and money-saving than other support systems. Plus, are way more revenue yielding.

5. Cloud integration
Guaranteeing a smooth and continuous experience for the users, Cloud integration is the most celebrated trends in the mobile app development sector. The advantages of cloud computing and integration are finally helping out to make mobile app experience better. Providing better storage, seamless operating, reduced costs in hosting, and better loading capacity, cloud integration is more like a revolution in the app development world. It not only makes your mobile application experience way better but also adds value to safer and secure management of data for the users.

With these top trends in mobile app development, you are all set to develop the best mobile app for your business. Consider these trends while developing your mobile application, and you are going to get your business the best gift.

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