JOBMA: An Affordable Video Recruiting Software For Talent Acquisition

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JOBMA: An Affordable Video Recruiting Software For Talent Acquisition

Virtual interviewing software is increasingly becoming popular among businesses due to its ability to reduce the time and budget of the businesses in hiring operations. It makes recruitment automated, remote-based, and promoted greater interviewing experience for both interviewers and job seekers.  A video interview platform allows hiring managers to review & score the candidate's responses working remotely at their earliest convenience without stepping out. Not only this, you could share candidate's details and leave feedback quickly and easily just with a single click. Using a video screening platform, the candidates can record answers of interview question from wherever and whenever they want that make it easy for time-tighten candidates to appear in the interview process. in addition, video interviewing solution reduces expenses of travel and stay and make hiring highly affordable.

How can a video recruiting platform make your hiring affordable?

Digital interviewing solution Jobma provides highly affordable video interviewing services starting from a free subscription. It reduces the valuable time and budget of the businesses by reducing interview rounds. And makes the recruitment process faster compared to traditional interviewing methods. Most of the video interview platforms are compatible with all sizes of businesses and make it possible for recruiters to connect with the worldwide candidates working remotely. Not only this, using a video interviewing platform you can share the candidate's detail such as interview recording and scores with your colleagues just in a single click and receive feedback quickly. This incredibly improves your response time makes the recruitment schedule shorter that ultimately help businesses save expenses on hiring.  You can scan a candidate in detail before calling them in for in-person interviews and analyze whether an applicant suits your work culture or not, using a remote-based video interview tool. 

Automated features of a video interviewing tool that makes interviewing affordable

Numerous video interview platforms including Jobma offer top-notch and automated digital interviewing features that help recruiters to connect with worldwide talent from afar and make hiring significantly easy, advanced, and affordable for the businesses. Here let's see how a video interviewing software could make your hiring cost-effective:

An affordable option: Virtual interview tools provide cutting-edge remote-based interviewing features at a low cost compared to traditional interviewing practices. Besides, it helps recruiters escape from participating in a real-time interview with candidates and make it flexible to hire candidates remotely. Many video recruiting platform including Jobma offers free interviewing services and makes digital hiring possible for all sizes of businesses. It also helps you cut down costs on hiring logistics.

Makes hiring remote-based: A video screening software allows recruiters to discover, engage, and hire the right talent from working remotely. Using a digital hiring solution, you can analyze the non-verbal expressions and professional capabilities of the candidates from afar and save your valuable time and expenses on calling in an odd-fit candidate.


Omni-platform compatibility:  A video interview platform mostly compatible with all the virtual platforms that save your investment on buying multiple devices to interview people for the position. for instance, if you don't have a laptop or computer, and want to interview people. You don't have to invest money in buying a laptop as Jobma allows you to interview even from the smartphones that help you save your investment on buying a variety of devices and software for the recruitment purpose.

Brings hiring automation: A video interview software allows recruiters to screen millions of candidates at the same time and shortlist the most suitable candidates for the in-person interviews based on job descriptions automatically. This saves a lot of time and budget for the businesses compared to traditional recruitment practices.  Not only this, you can post jobs on online portals, send auto-reminder to the candidates and screen them quickly with the help of a digital interviewing tool.

The above are some great features of a video interviewing platform that help recruiters save time and money on the hiring process. In addition, it improves the response time of a recruitment team and helps them attract star talent for the position. Are you a recruiter and still stuck in a traditional method to hire people? If so, shift to Jobma video interview platform and get start a free video interviewing now! you can also request a free demo of Jobma to check the compatibility of the software with your HR team.

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