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Ever since the development of Java, the Java Standard Edition has had multiple revisions and improvements. In fact, these developments are still ongoing and they require highly skilled Java developers to perform these functions. Java developers are responsible for creating websites and web applications that have a plethora of functions. 

There are different types of Java developers who excel in different Java systems such as standard, mobile and enterprise. JEE development is often taken to be more advanced than JSE. But unlike in JSE, JEE has more number of automated functions. The highest position of a developer is that of an EE architect. Some Java developers also often perform architectural functions.

Java Developer v/s Full Stack Java Developer

A full stack Java developer refers to someone who is skilled in Java programming and is also efficient in both front-end and back-end functions. He or she is capable of developing both static and dynamic web content. While a Java developer works on databases and networking and writes software systems based on the programming languages of Java, a full stack developer for hire also works on the user interface side of the program. 

There are several responsibilities and capabilities of a Java Developer:
  1. He or she can build Java, J2EE and mobile based products on a large scale. 

  2. He or she can check on and improve all the existing J2EE based applications as well as come up with alternative technological solutions. 

  3. A Java Developer can write well designed codes that are required to create a website or an application. 

  4. He or she is also efficient in using JAXB, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JPA, JavaEE, Hibernate and Spring for the purpose of designing, developing as well as testing Java based solutions.

  5. A Java Developer is also responsible for collaborating with the rest of the team in order to build a product. He or she contributes to the entire developmental process. 

Qualifications and Requirements to be a Java Developer
  1. A Java developer typically has a degree in Computer Science or an Engineering degree. 

  2. He or she should have clear understanding of Java and JEE internals like Classloading, Transaction management, Memory Management and so on. 

  3. A Java developer should be knowledgeable in Relational Databases, ORM and SQL technologies. 

  4. He or she must have some prior experience in using Java for the website or app development. 

  5. He or she must have experience in using the Spring Framework. 

  6. He or she should also have experience experience as Sun Certified developer. 

Important Factors to Consider While Hiring a Java Developer 

The Developer's level of knowledge of all major Java technologies in the market: Always look for someone who is efficient in the fundamentals of language, in patterning designs, in scalability and so on. He or she should also have expert knowledge in coding and Java architecture. He or she should be skilled jQuery, JDBC, JSP, JMS, JSON/REST, Spring, Oracle and MySQL among many others. He or she should know ORM solutions such as MyBatis, Hibernate and so on. He or she should have architectural skills as well such as that of MVC, Spring MVC, GWT, Appfuse, Apache Wicket and so on. A Java Developer must be proficient in JNDI, RMI, Java Persistence API and other such applications. He or she should know about Eclipse, MyEclipse and IntelliJ Idea that are required for developing Java programs.

The Developer's Java Certificates: A professional Java Developer should have certifications like Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer, Oracle Associate Java SE Programmer,  Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Web Component Developer, Oracle Certified Expert Java Platform EE Web Services Developer, Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Business Component Developer and so on.  

Proficiency in Cloud Based Technologies: A Java Developer should be skilled in Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Windows Azure and other cloud based technologies.

In addition to these factors there are also other factors that you must consider during the hiring process:

The Number of Projects the Developer Has Done: Although the general mindset is to consider quality over quantity, in this case it is also important to consider the variety of projects a developer has done. Always look for someone who has done different kinds of work that show his or her best potentials and his or her creative capacity in order to bring out what is best in your enterprise. At the same time also make sure that he or she has some experiences in working on projects that are similar to your industrial requirements. 

Client Testimonials: Client testimonials are often helpful in determining the developer's popularity in the market. It can also help you determine whether he is realiable enough to handle all your important business needs. However, fake testimonials are sometimes generated for the purpose of advertising the work. You should always verify the testimonials before determining their value.

Privacy and Security Concerns: For any large business enterprise one of the primary concerns is that of privacy and security. Always ask the developer to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that you can take adequate measures if there are any security concerns on your part. This will ensure that all your databases, source codes and other trade secrets stay protected.

Why Hire a Java Developer from India? 
Java developers in India are highly skilled and experienced in their field. You can get top class developers at a budget-friendly rate. Although these developers work from virtual offices in India they will be available as per your requirements and they will work directly under you.

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