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IVF cost in Nepal at the Fertility Center Nepal is dividing into two parts: (i) Basic IVF cost and (ii) Advanced IVF cost.

(i) Basic IVF cost: The basic IVF cost in Nepal at the Fertility Center Nepal ranges from NPR 2 80,000 to NPR 3 40,000 for one IVF cycle. It is an estimated cost of the treatment will confirm the actual once couples meet the fertility expert and do a medical examination. Based on the couple's medical report, the fertility expert will ensure the best procedure for Nepal's actual cost.  

Standard IVF is a procedure in which the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal collect the woman's eggs and fertilize them with her husband's sperm to facilitate fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist will place the formed embryo into the woman's uterus to establish a successful pregnancy.

After two weeks of embryo transfer, the fertility expert asks couples to visit the fertility clinic for a pregnancy test. If the pregnancy is successful, will hand over the couples to their local gynecologist, and they need to wait for nine months to see their baby. If the first attempt of IVF treatment fails, then couples can repeat the procedure or choose advanced IVF procedures available at Fertility Center Nepal.

(ii) Advanced IVF cost: Advanced IVF cost in Nepal varies from procedure to procedure. The following are some commonly used advanced IVF procedures with their expenses. These are:

a) IVF with ICSI: It is a procedure in which the fertility experts pick the most active sperm and directly inject it into each egg to ease the fertilization process. Suppose a male member failed to produce healthy sperm or nor sperm available in his testicles. In that case, the fertility expert will extract them surgically using an advanced technique called testicular sperm aspiration (TESA). The IVF cost in Nepal with the ICSI procedure is around NPR 3 40,000. If TESA is also required, then the cost for TESA is around NPR 50,000.

b) IVF with egg donor: It is a procedure in which the fertility experts collect the eggs from the egg donor ovaries and artificially perform fertilization with the male partner's sperm. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist will pick the healthiest embryo/s to transfer it into the recipient uterus and wait for pregnancy to occur. IVF cost in Nepal with egg donors is around NPR 6 40,000, including egg donors cost.

c) IVF with sperm donor: It is a procedure in which the fertility experts fertilize the donor sperm with female partner eggs to facilitate fertilization. After fertilization occurs, the formed embryo will implant into the birth mother's uterus. IVF costs in Nepal, including sperm donors, cost NPR 4 40,000.

How much does the IVF cost in Nepal for medications?

IVF cost in Nepal at Fertility Center Nepal for medications used for suppression, stimulation, and supplementation is very reasonable compared to drugs cost in other fertility clinics in Nepal. The cost of medicines depends on the woman's age; if she is above 35, then she needs more fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs for fertilization in one IVF cycle.

Fertility Center Nepal includes some of the medications as part of the IVF package. These are Lupron, Antagon, and Cetrotide; these medications help suppress women's ovaries; Gonal-F, Follistim, Menopur, and Bravelle help stimulate the ovaries. The fertility experts will give Endometrin and Crinone medications for progesterone supplementation and Vivelle & Estrace for estrogen supplementation.

Average IVF cost in Nepal for medications ranges from NPR 100 to NPR 2500 depending on the type of medication couples required. If they need injectable drugs then these are a little expensive compared to pills. Still, people find the medications at Fertility Center Nepal are reasonable compared to other fertility clinics.

What are the reasons for increasing IVF costs in Nepal?

The following are the reasons due to which IVF cost in Nepal gets increased, and these are:

Couples' age: Standard IVF is a treatment that is beneficial for couples below 35; however, couples above 35 can opt for standard IVF, but they need a high fertility dosage to increase the eggs and sperms production for fertilization. An increase in high fertility dosage can increase the overall IVF cost in Nepal. The experts advise standard IVF for couples below 35 to achieve a successful outcome at a very reasonable cost in Nepal.

Bodyweight: Couples' bodyweight is another reason that increases the IVF cost in Nepal. Over or under bodyweight requires a high fertility dosage to produce multiple eggs and sperms for fertilization. The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal advise couples to maintain ideal body weight according to their body mass index (BMI) to achieve a successful outcome.

Unhealthy lifestyle: Nowadays, people are busy with their careers and do not eat healthy and nutritious food. Their eating habits change a lot as they consume alcohol, illegal drugs, etc., to reduce their stress, and they do not know that it's impacting their fertility. When they plan to have a family, they cannot conceive naturally and need assistance. The experts suggest the best IVF treatment, but it requires high fertility dosage to improve their fertility to produce enough eggs and sperms for fertilization. An increase in fertility dosage can lead to a rise in IVF costs in Nepal.

Why people choose Fertility Center Nepal?

The following are the reasons that attract people to choose Fertility Center Nepal, and these are:

Treatment cost: Fertility Center Nepal is a fertility clinic that offers reasonable & affordable fertility treatment costs so that each individual can avail of the benefits and enjoy their parenthood happily.

Use of latest & advanced technologies: At Fertility Center Nepal, medical professionals use the latest & advanced technologies to treat all types of infertility issues and help couples conceive a baby.

Skilled & experienced professionals: Fertility Center Nepal hires skilled & experienced fertility professionals who give their best to achieve a successful outcome. They are the ones who make pregnancies possible for couples of growing age.

Success rates: To date, the success rates of Fertility Center Nepal are high for taking the healthy and disease-free baby home.

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