Is Tramadol Stronger than Codeine? Buy Best Painkiller Online UK

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Is Tramadol Stronger than Codeine? Buy Best Painkiller Online UK
Whenever people suffer from any form of body pain (mild, moderate or chronic), the first thing that comes to their mind is to get rid of the same with an effective painkiller. They are in no mood to bear the discomfort of that pain and immediately look out to their medicine cabinet to pop the available painkiller.
Pill killers are medications that reduce discomfort and offer relief in body pain, migraines, sore throat or aches. Some people repeat these medicines when pain becomes persistent. These medications may offer some relief instantly, but they are not the ultimate solution for any form of unbearable body pain. Doctor’s advice, appropriate dose, safety guidelines and possible side effects are some of the important points which a user must keep in mind before their use.


There are basically 3 types of painkillers :
  • NSAID : It is mainly prescribed to prevent the blood from clotting. Popular examples include Aspirin, Naproxen, Diclofenac and Ibuprofen.
  • Opioids – Tramadol and Codeine are popular Opioids, but Tramadol is stronger than Codeine. Other opioids include pethidine, oxycodone and morphine.
Paracetamol is combined with Codeine and sold under the brand name of Co-Codamol. They are used in different combinations depending upon the magnitude of pain and their suitability to the patients. The objective behind using two types of painkillers is that one painkiller may not be effective in controlling pain. Non Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) and Paracetamol can be taken at the same time as these drugs work differently. Using them together delivers better side effects. However, they are not conducive to patients affected with asthma or people who have a history of stomach cancer.
Under such condition, a moderate painkiller such as codeine may be recommended and can be used with Paracetamol or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug in order to get relief from moderate pain.Doctor’s take into consideration the following factors before prescribing pain killer to a patient - type of pain, per existing disease and possible side effects of the medicine.

Alleviate body pain with painkillers Tramadol and Codeine
We will study the role of both Tramadol and Codeine in the treatment of mild to moderate pain in the body.While some people take these painkillers for a few days, others require them for a longer duration.

Tramadol – An opined medication for treatment of acute and chronic pain
According to a survey, about 15 % of insomniacs in the UK experience pain-related sleep disturbance. These patients can get relief from body pain and sleep well by using Tramadol Tablets under the guidance of their physician.
Tramadol Tablets reduce the feeling of pain by blocking the pain signals to the nerves. It raises the level of serotonin and nor epinephrine and enables people suffering from unbearable pain to attain a quiet rest at night. Tramadol reduces discomfort by blocking the transmission of pain signals from the brain to the nerves.
Physicians recommend a lower dose to first timers. For safe and effective results, avoid combining Tramadol and alcohol together.
The availability of this drug in different forms such as tablets, capsule, powder and syrup has made it easier for patients suffering from chronic pain to buy online. Both immediate release and extended release are marketed on popular online pharmacies for sale. It is convenient to buy Tramadols online UK from the website of a reputed pharmaceutical supplier.


Codeine Pills is the best remedy for managing body pain at night
Chronic body pain makes people restless, disrupts the sleep process and doesn’t allow people to rest peacefully at night. Patients suffering from acute body pain can somehow manage their suffering during day hours, but at night the pain becomes unbearable.
Codeine is a powerful opiate medication to reduce the magnitude of pain among sleepless patients. It is generally taken when people don’t get relief from popular painkillers such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. This cough suppressant is highly effective in the control of diarrhea and cancer pain.
Role of Codeine in eliminating body pain
Codeine is derived from poppy plants such as heroin, opium and morphine. Once this product enters the body, it gets converted into morphine. Codeine binds to receptors in the brain and lessens the sensation of pain. One of the major benefits of painkiller Codeine is that it makes the restless patient comfortable, assists him to doze off and boosts up the recovery process. An online medicine store should be trusted to buy Codeine Pills.
In order to get optimum benefits of Codeine Pill, one should strictly follow all usage guidelines. There may be a possibility that it may create enough morphine in the body to cause toxicity and depress the lungs.Codeine Pills are effective to relieve one’s pain as well as painful sleep disturbances. However, some precautions must be followed, since it may deliver adverse effects in some cases. Restlessness, dizziness, confusion and lack of motor skills are some of the common side effects.


In order to get effective results from Codeine Pill, remember following points:
  • Take this drug as per the instructions of a certified health care professional.
  • Don’t combine it with alcohol, nicotine, nitrates, recreational drugs and fatty meals.
  • Usually, 30 – 60mg dosage of this medication is prescribed to get relief from pain.
  • A dose of 15mg – 30mg dosage is effective enough to cure diarrhea or cough symptoms.
  • If you have taken this drug, then it is advisable to postpone the use of heavy machinery or a long drive.
Safety Precautions before the use of painkillers
Addiction to painkillers should be avoided. Prolonged use of them can make the user physically and mentally dependent on them. Extended use also makes the users tolerant to them and a higher dose may be required for such people for beneficial effect.
People dependent on painkillers need professional help to overcome its addiction. A painkiller addict can get back his normal life by getting himself admitted in a painkiller rehab. Most importantly, physician’s advice is a must, if one wants to avail a safe and healthy treatment.

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