Introducing Myself To The Mamby Community

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Franklin Uloneme
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Franklin Uloneme
Introducing Myself To The Mamby Community


First of all I would like to thank members of the Mamby Community for making this blog such an exciting place to be.
Without the contribution of each and everyone of you, the "commune" in community would be missing.

So permit me to introduce myself...
My name is Franklin Uloneme, a 35 year old multitalented guy from Imo state, Southeastern Nigeria.

Family Life

I'm the first issue in a family of nine (Five girls and two boys).
My father and my one of my sisters are late, so I guess we are seven in number now.
I was actually born on 23rd of November, 1985, in a Catholic missionary hospital in the serene community called Mbaise, in Imo state.
I still take a look at that hospital from time to time, as it holds great meaning to me and even greater memories.

Work History

Immediately I finished high school, I dived straight into the building construction industry. I spent close to 15 years working as a labourer and project assistant to an architect and building engineer. In this role, I not only engaged in manual labour, I also drafted the quotation for tens of building projects both small and big. Sometimes, I managed the building sites whenever the engineer or architect is occupied with other projects.

Over the years on this job, I have not only learned how to build a house from scratch, I have also experienced first-hand the terrible consequences of building a house with substandard materials and equipment... A collapsed building with poor folks trapped underneath it, coupled with police inquiries and court cases. Though, I have never been involved in building a house that eventually collapsed, but I have learnt my lessons from the experience of engineers and architects whose building projects collapsed killing innocent people.
I have garnered additional experience working in marketing, security, cleaning, government and banking sectors of the Nigerian economy.

In addition to all these, I passed through full military training, but later went AWOL after my regiment had a running battle with the dreaded Fulani herdsmen and we lost a comrade or "blanket" as we call it in military parlance.

After leaving the military, I went for a two year ministerial training and got ordained as a minister of the Gospel. I worked as a children's pastor, Sunday school teacher and evangelist for a while. Though I do not work as a pastor anymore, but I still teach and preach.

As a result of the grace God has given me, I have had the privilege of encountering the Trinity on several occasions and continue to do so consistently.
But the more I continue to encounter God, the more I realize that I don't really know Him and I need to know Him, because He is eternal and unlimited, unlike a sinner like me.
I'm just an undeserving receiver of God's grace, favour, mercy and goodness. Therefore I'm not better than anybody and have nothing to boast of.

I'm now working as an author, freelancer and content writer still trying to garner a following online.
You can check out one of my books on Amazon Kindle:

My Hobbies

I'm a natural born writer and a bookworm, who likes editing/proofreading, sightseeing, traveling and photography. In addition to these, I love nature, children and people.
I also like to climb mountains and I have climbed a mountain that is twelve stories tall in Okigwe, Imo state, Nigeria, in addition to other mountains.

I'm a romantic kind of person who loves serene environments. I hate noise, as it drives me crazy.

I am also a crypto currency enthusiast and I have plans to create my own crypto some day or even a new blockchain that will eliminate banks and paper money.
Now that is no small task. But I'm quite optimistic about it.

I'm on Mamby to share content that will bring knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and light to the community and help them examine issues affecting humanity from the perspective of eternity.
I'm also here to make real friends and connect with people who share the same interests as me.

Thank you for reading thus far... And God bless you. Amen.

Franklin Uloneme.

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