Impact of GDPR - The Next big thing in Email Marketing World

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Impact of GDPR - The Next big thing in Email Marketing World

The whole marketing world has undergone a digital transformation with the implementation of GDPR compliance. All the businesses have to obey EU regulation that strictly safeguards the EU citizen data. In the coming days, this will majorly impact the marketing team. Let us now understand what modifications must be made in the modern email marketing techniques. Most importantly, article 4 of GDPR implies that user consent for personal data usage is mandatory and must be given through clear affirmative action. Here are the next big changes marketers will have to accept and implement!.

1.    Inbound Marketing & Lead generation: Inbound marketing is not at all a problem unless you have explicit consent from the user on how their data can be used. If you want to run email campaigns, you must have prior consent from each prospect. In other words, you are supposed to clearly mention the use of customer’s data before opt-in. As before, the emails cannot be sent or use cookies merely without seeking permission. As a result, even the sales and outbound marketing gets affected. 

2.    Management of Consent: The consumers can give consent initially but pull off after a few weeks. So a marketer must prepare a process in place for opting out whenever the consumer wishes to. In other words, your marketing team must find a way to manage the consumers' consent since it can never be a one time process. 

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