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Hubert Ogunde

Early Life

Olooye Hubert Adedeji Ogunde was a folklorist, Nigerian entertainer, writer, artist, playwright, theater supervisor, cop, educator, teetotaller, basic liberty extremist, Seer, prophet and a patriot of class. Like any human, was naturally introduced to an unobtrusive however trustworthy group of Mr. Jeremiah Dehinbo Ogunde and Mrs. Eunice Owotunsan Ogunde on Monday July tenth, 1916 at Ososa in Ogun State. Senior Ogunde was a minister at the Baptist Church, Ijebu Ife and slave driver, whose father and progenitors were Ifa admirers and organizers of Ososa town.

While Madam Eunice Ogunde was a broker whose guardians were additionally devotee of Ifa divinity. Ogunde's mom was an agnostic at the time he was conceived. However, after his introduction to the world she was changed over to Christianity. The pair brought up and encouraged their youngsters about African culture and agitators. A demonstration which helped youthful Ogunde in later life. At nine years old, youthful Ogunde entered Saint John's Primary School, Ososa for his rudimentary training and left the school in 1928 for Saint Peter's Faji School, Lagos State where he was until 1930.

Birth of Ogunde's Drama

Monday, June 12, 1944, was an extraordinary average day for youthful Ogunde. He was upheld and supported by Church of the Lord, Ebute-Meta to deliver his first and most seasoned drama 'The Garden of Eden and The Throne of God' at the Glover Memorial Hall, Lagos. The substance of the drama was scriptural. It articulates the 'fall of man and his removal from the Garden of Eden.' The people dance by Messrs Hubert Ogunde and G.B. Kuyinu were boisterously hailed. Different characters in the drama included: Miss Kotoye Oshodi, Mr. S. O Okeowo, Mr. E.O. Adeleke, Miss M. Samuel, Miss M. Adenuga, Miss C. Bajomo, Miss K. Ashabi and Mrs. Ruler. 'The crowd that evening which was more than 1000 all clamored for a redundancy of the play at no far off date.' In 1945, the achievement recorded in 'The Garden of Eden and The Throne of God' propelled Ogunde to set up his first organization the 'African Music Research Party.'

'Ogunde Theater Party' was restricted in Kano (likewise in Kaduna and Makurdi) in May 8, 1950, for arranging the social parody show named ' Bread and Bullet' and was captured for subversion. He was charged to court later released yet fined £6 for posting banners for the play without earlier consent from the public authority. In addition, towards the finish of 1950, 'Ogunde Theater Party' was changed to 'Ogunde Concept Party.' In 1951, Ogunde denoted the seventh year commemoration huber ogunde music of his auditorium with the creation of the drama 'My Darling Fatima.' For practically the following decade, Ogunde delivered eight additional plays and furthermore visited the little hiding spots of Nigeria, West Africa and the world in general.

In 1960, Ogunde was welcome to deliver a play 'Melody of Unity' for Nigeria at freedom. The play was arranged at Glover Hall, Lagos and dispatched by Nigerian Government to check the autonomy of Nigeria. Ogunde changed name again to 'Ogunde Theater' a name that stuck on him till today. Somewhere in the range of 1960 and 1963, no single tune or play was composed by Ogunde. He just moved in the audit and alteration of his various attempts to find a way into the flavor of the mid 60s. In 1964, there was a political tumult in the then Western Nigeria. Boss Awolowo was detained on conspiracy allegation and Chief Ogunde, composed the exceptionally disputable record for his prosecution entitled it 'Yoruba Ronu (Yoruba Think!).'


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