How Your Front Desk Can Banish Broken Appointments

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How Your Front Desk Can Banish Broken Appointments

It’s a safe bet that your UPbook business has to deal with broken appointments—no-show clients, chronically late clients, or clients who cancel at the last minute are challenges that any operation must face head-on. Since broken appointments can affect your business’s revenue in a big way, it’s time to put an end to them. Here are a few tips on using the power of the front desk to keep appointments intact.

Last-minute cancellations and chronically late clients are some of the biggest frustrations for your UPbook business’s front desk team. Again, language can prove to be a game-changer in this area.When a client calls to reschedule an appointment, don’t say “No problem, we can fit you in later today.” Say “Let me see when we can fit you in next…” Ideally, you’ll want to schedule their appointment a few days later. This serves to subtly retrain those clients that their lateness or need to cancel makes things more difficult for them. Don’t reward late clients with a convenience! 


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