How You Can Keep Your Muscle Mass During Ramadan Period

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For bodybuilders who're moslems, it is compulsory to fast or abstain from all food and drink during Ramadan period. For entirely a month, moslem followers are expected to keep from eating, drinking, and sexual contact from dawn until sunset. The goal of fasting is to attain more patience, spirituality, and humility.


During fasting period, the moslems aren't eating nor drinking for a complete day, from sunrise to sunset. It can be quite a few hours to over 12 hours in certain parts of the world. As a result of fact, fitness maniacs have a tendency to skip gym activities and take a break from their diets. They worry that they will not need enough energy to work out. In this period, they're more than likely to have lack of energy as a result of reduced calorie intake.


What exactly should you do together with your fitness program if you cannot eat 5-6 times per day?


Fasting is a good solution to burn more calories as you are eating zero calorie throughout the day. thread lifts To help keep your muscle mass, simply eat more fibers and protein throughout the night. Before sunrise, eat more fibers and low GI foods as well as protein so you aren't deprived of energy throughout the day.


Since low GI foods are digested slowly, your system will absorb the nutrients and energy gradually through the day to prevent sudden drop of insulin levels. If your stomach is empty for quite a while, your system will burn protein and fat to keep functioning properly. When your system is deprived of protein, the body can take more protein from your muscle (catabolism).


You are able to burn more fat once you train before breaking the fast. Exercising having an empty stomach is certainly a fat burning process. Reward yourself with gallons of water after sunset to rehydrate yourself. You are able to keep working out at night but you may need more rest time taken between sets as well as between days or simply work out as usual if you still have a lot of energy.


Training as a bodybuilder throughout the holy month of fasting is unquestionably possible. The body is going to be depleted of glycogen through the day, but you are able to eat a lot of low GI foods for iftar or sahur to prevent it. Eventually a little drop of water is going to be so precious by enough time you break the fast. Because you need certainly to take a lot of water to Staying hydrated during Ramadan, you are able to take Gatorade or other non-carbonated ion supply beverages to prevent you from bloating.

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