How to troubleshoot Windows 10 Error 1406

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How to troubleshoot Windows 10 Error 1406
Windows 1406 error is largely seen during the installation of a new application that uses the Windows Installer runtime. Here we describe three approaches to troubleshoot the error code 0x80070422.

Method 1: Modify Registry

This process is acceptable for people who are well versed in editing the registry, then follow these steps:
  • Select Windows Flag Key + Rout from the computer keyboard.
  • Compose Regedit and click Entry.
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software.
  • Right-click Software and Media Permissions.
  • Now press Add.
  • Sort all from the box and then hit OK.
  • Take advantage of all below usernames.
  • In the permission segments, allow full control by clicking Allow.
  • Now locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software & HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Microsoft> Windows> Current Version> Installation.
  • If you find Instance Component Set, remove it.
  • Highly recommended: Make a backup before implementing this method.
Method 2: Re-registering Windows Installer

Within this process, you need to unregister and register the Microsoft Windows installer.
  • Select Windows Flag + R outside of the computer keyboard.
  • Compose msiexec/unregserver and press Enter.
  • You need to reopen RUN and compose msiexec/regserver. Then hit enter.
  • When this doesn't work, try to reopen Control Prompt as Administrator and compose these controls, and then press Enter for each control.
Method 3: Install Safe Mode

In case these two methods above fail to fix error 1406, then try to install Blue Stacks or comparable programs safely. Users of Windows 7 or even earlier versions will need to start safely. To boot into safe mode, restart the computer and press F8 over and over again. Then you will see some innovative options on the black screen. Typesafe mode along with the keyboard arrow and then hit enter.

Users of Windows 8, or even higher edition of Windows, should start safe mode using a different strategy. Hope these methods help you to solve your error when installing windows 10.

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