How to troubleshoot Canon Printer Memory Full Error?
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How to troubleshoot Canon Printer Memory Full Error?

Canon printers are available on various ranges and types. Canon manufactures printers from simple DMPs to multifunctional printers. Canon is a popular printer brand among home users as Canon manufactures compact size printers which are multifunctionality. But there are few errors faced by Canon printer users. One common error reported by many Canon users is memory full error. When the error appears when your printer is unable to understand the print command. The memory is full so the printer is not able to load the command. You can’t take printouts until you fix the error. The Canon printer has two types of memory. One is the volatile memory which gets deleted whenever you switch off your printer. The other one is a non-volatile memory which does not get deleted even after switching off the printer. The error appears when the printer’s memory gets full and unable to take more commands. You have to clean the memory regularly to prevent the memory full error. But sometimes this error can appear due to other reasons also. Some people got into memory errors after updating Windows 10. You can also get this error when you make nonspecific changes on the printer. Pending print jobs is also a potent reason for the error. Sometimes outdated or corrupted printer drivers can lead to this error. Whenever you get this error, try the mentioned steps for fixing the issue.

Run Canon software with Admin credits

  1. You will require the MP Navigator for running the program

  2. Go to the Properties

  3. Right-click on the Program icon

  4. Windows screen will appear

  5. Click on the shortcut tab

  6. Form the Advanced option, click on Run as Administrator button

  7. Hit the OK button

  8. Click on Exit option

Replace all Software Name Files

  1. Go the File Explorer tab

  2. Click on the View Section

  3. Hit the Hidden Item Box button

  4. Type %USERPROFILE% \AppData\Local\Canon Easy PhotoPrintEx on the search bar

Now immediately rename the setting folder. Once complete, give a print command on your PC to check whether your error gets fixed or not. If your printer is still showing any kind of error then you should contact the Canon Support Code B203 team for help.

Clean all the Printer Memory

You have to clean all the memory of your printer to increase the free space. You can follow the mentioned steps for cleaning up your printer’s memory:

  1. Turn on your Canon printer

  2. Press the Fax button of your printer

  3. Press the Menu button

  4. Press the arrow button and click on Memory reference

  5. Hit the OK button

  6. Press the Delete All button

  7. Delete All button will remove all the documents from your device

  8. Now hit the OK button

After following the mentioned steps, your printer memory becomes empty. Now your Canon printer can easily take your print commands.

Try resetting the memory settings

If the error is appearing due to any kind of any runtime issue then resetting the printer may fix the error immediately. You can follow the given commands for resetting Canon printer memory settings:

  1. Close all the running programs

  2. Press the Start button

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Navigate to Device and Printers

  5. Right-click on the Printer icon

  6. Click on the Properties

  7. Now choose the Device Options tab

  8. Go to the printer memory list and click on correct settings

  9. Hit the Ok button

  10. Now restart your PC and check whether your printer error gets resolved or not. 

Removing the pending print jobs

Canon memory full error can also appear when you have lost pending print jobs. These pending jobs take lots of your free space which make the printer unable to accept the new print command. To fix the issue, you need to cancel the print jobs. You can easily cancel the print jobs from your PC. You have to close all the running programs on your PC and then click on the Start button. Now go to the Run bar and type Control Printers. Hit the OK button. Now right-click on the printer icon and select Open. Now go to the print jobs and delete them. Right-click on the print job you want to delete and press the Cancel button. If you want to delete all print jobs then click on the Select All button and hit the Cancel button. Now give a new print command to your Canon printer.

Restore your printer driver

If the error on your printer is appearing due to the printer driver corruption then you have to restore all the corrupted files for resolving the error. In case you are unable to restore the corrupted files then uninstall the corrupted printer driver and install a new driver on your device. If the printer driver gets outdated then visit the Canon website and install the latest printer driver update. 

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