How to Temporarily Disable Avast

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How to Temporarily Disable Avast
Avast Anti-Virus is a fantastic package that protects client servers from viruses since they were launched in 1995. It offers a variant for those who need anti-virus protection and provides a level of security. That said, from time to time users may need to disable Avast because software or site configuration is dangerous and uncertain.

For this reason, we decided to create this guide. The textbook will be divided into two segments; to disable defense, as well as a way to disable Avast.

Let's not emboss. Let's get to the instructions.

The Way to Hide Avast (completely)

A quick warning before we move on.

This section describes how to disable the antivirus package. This will expose your computer / laptop to the danger of documents. Just do it if you think it is crucial.

In any case, how to turn off Avast.

Measure 1: Access the Avast Protector
The first thing you need to do is find the Avast tab in the taskbar (bottom right corner of the background). Once detected, click the icon and select the "Avast Protector Control" tab. Selecting this tab will open the menu that is.

Measure 2: Choose the time you want to turn off Avast
The drop-down menu provides several different options, which include; Turn off for 10 minutes, turn off for 1 hour Turn off to restart your computer and turn off indefinitely.

Choose one of the options below that best suits your needs.

Measure 3: Check your actions
Avast will ask you to confirm your actions. You now have a window. If you do not choose an alternative, Avast will automatically refuse these actions. Click OK to complete the venture.

Measure 4: Avast assessment is disabled
Just run the Avast interface if you want to check if Avast is turned off. You must be greeted if everything went according to plan. See the picture above

You understand that Avast is disabled if you find this message.

A way to hide personal shields

Not every problem requires you to close your antivirus software completely. In some scenarios, you can eliminate defenses that turn off. In defense, you must be able to do the job while maintaining an element of security.

Here's how:

Measure # 1: Finding your busy protection
Starting the Avast Start user interface. In the room, select the "Security" tab on the left. In the options, find the "Center protects" tab, and then select it. In this tab you will learn about your defense, as well as about which are occupied.

Measure # 2: Customize selected security features
Each shield will have an on / off switch. Each switch will be turned on in case all are started. To disable specific protection, click the switch to leave. Avast asks you for how long you want to disable protection by doing this. Select an option and click OK.

Agent No. 3: Reactivate security
You'll want to reactivate your defense to make sure you get a level of protection as soon as you finish your work. Just press on the switch.

Last words

That's all. Turning off your Avast antivirus is actually a procedure. We suggest doing this in the script. You place your computer following this guide. In certain situations that prevail.

This guide will work in many versions, including the free version.

Let us know in person by leaving a comment in the area below if this manual has been helpful to you. We'd love to hear that. If you have detailed information about the best way to disable Avast!

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