How to sell via marketplace: know everything!

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How to sell via marketplace: know everything!

Selling on the marketplace has become an important opportunity for entrepreneurs from various business niches to expand their sales. And, with the pandemic, the online marketplace has grown rapidly. As an illustration, in 2020 there was an increase of 75% compared to the previous year. Much of this is due to the social isolation effect caused by the health crisis, which has led people to consume more virtually. In this content, I explain better what a market is, show which ones are the main ones in the market, as well as give tips on how to sell in them. See!


What is a marketplace?

First, I will explain what a marketplace is. Many people believe that they are the equivalent of e-commerce. However, while the second is a virtual store of one brand, the former serves as a kind of mall. Multiple stores can sell their products on that site, which brings greater diversification of offerings to the channel. At the same time, sellers are offered a good structure for entering this type of sale. Check out my handpicked list of some of our biggest markets below.


Free market

This is one of the pioneers. Surely you've been looking for products at Mercado Livre, precisely because it's easy to find goods for any purpose. In addition, it has the distinction that anyone can make a sale. In other words, there are also opportunities for individuals to sell used products. Amazon Amazon is considered to be one of the largest companies in the world.This is due to the founders, who see their clients as the key to the success of the business. The public is always right, according to the culture of this market. Magazine Luiza Even before we entered the digital age, Magazine Luiza is already one of the most famous retail businesses in Brazil. However, the company, which previously focused mainly on physical stores (and paid less attention to digital), he began to change his strategy slightly, which contributed to sales on the internet! What to pay attention to when selling on the marketplace? Now that you know what the market is and can identify some of the most famous examples in Brazil, we will present important topics to analyze when starting your sale. Choose Products You Will Sell Well Initially, I suggest you have an understanding of your product portfolio. Understand which ones have the most outlets, which ones are people's favorites and which ones have the potential to sell on the internet. It is not enough to put all your available stock on the market. At first, even this strategy can have the opposite effect and make it difficult for you to sell. So step by step are: - analyze the digital scope and acceptance your audience has; - understand consumer behavior in the first weeks of operation; - Expand the possibilities for your base.


Have product in stock

Speaking of stocks, this is one of the main topics for anyone starting out in digital trading. If this is not observed, the products advertised on the selected channel may not be available, which will lead to customer dissatisfaction and even complaints on social media — becoming a detractor for your brand.


Careful product presentation

Another important point is the need to improve product presentation. Remember: on the internet, the only contact a customer has with an item of interest is a photo posted on the market. If it's inconspicuous, the person may look for other channels or other stores that also offer their material on that platform. Also, invest in good descriptions so that readers engage in product features. Don't wait for him to look to your team to answer questions: put all the necessary information there so he can proceed with the purchase.


Serving buyers with care and agility

Regardless of the service channel, it is important to offer support with care and agility. After all, this is one of the main differences that customers look for when making a purchase. If his experience is not positive after the first contact, he will almost never do business with your store again. In addition, there is a complaint channel that can prevent people (who don't know your business yet) from buying materials, as most consumers look for reports of past purchases on this platform.


Choose the right platform

Finally, it is important to understand the characteristics of the main market platforms available in the market and identify the one that best suits your needs. Assess, along with your colleagues and competitors, the experience they have with these tools, point out the pros and cons of each tool, in addition to studying their support and structure. Remember: you are entering an interesting market, but you need support at this early stage. Therefore, look for a platform that offers the best service, so that the desired goals are more easily achieved by your business.


What are the best-selling products on the market?

There are some products that people are more confident to buy in the market than others. Mobile phones, for example, received wide acclaim for being in some of the top positions of best-selling materials. In addition, household appliances, accessories for smartphones and computers are also present in people's preferences for the online market.


Other popular products in the market are:

- men's and women's clothing; - women's and men's shoes; - books of the most varied segments; - toy; - Perfume; - party favors; - make up; - mat; - decoration pictures; - among others. In this content, you can learn more about the market and the differences between investing in this sales model, as well as seeing examples of products that are selling well on the channel. For you to be successful with business, the ideal is to have good planning and analysis, across strategies, what is working and what can be improved. All this with the aim of always achieving more positive results. Did you like the material? If you know of some other tips that I didn't bring to the text, share them with us in the comments!

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