How to resolve Mac printing issues to my computer

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How to resolve Mac printing issues to my computer
Printing on a Mac is generally trustworthy. Sometimes, however, difficulties arise. A number of recommended resolutions are listed below for restoring printing to normal operation.

Mac printing usually only works. But sometimes it isn't. Here's how you get around connecting printers and troubleshoot printer not responding mac .

When you need to install a new local printer, the practice is usually as simple as plugging the printer's USB cable into your Mac, responding to the OS X software update window that pops up asking if you want to download and configure the appropriate printer apps by clicking the Install button. Based on my evaluations and practical experiences, the local printer then looks into the System Preferences of Printers and Scanners.

Including a wireless or network printer is usually as simple as launching Printers & Scanners in System Preferences and clicking the + icon that appears in the lower-left corner of this screen. The Bonjour service in OS X uses DNS multicast documents to track and identify social printers that are shown in the Insert Printers window. Selecting an exposed printer and clicking the Insert button installs the printer app and also shares that printer on your Mac.

Before further troubleshooting, it might be a good idea to do a quick double-check to get a common error that is easy to overlook. Sometimes the wrong printer is defined as the default option. Make sure that you are not actually mechanically sending the print job to the wrong printer by opening System Preferences, clicking Printers & Scanners, and making sure that the printer selected in the Default Printer drop-down menu is the device you plan to use.

After confirming your selection of the correct printer, Apple's recommendation when troubleshooting a Mac that cannot see the printer is to check the printer to make sure it is ready for publication, has paper and the correct hardware, and has no error messages. Then, Apple recommends that you disconnect the printer's USB cable, even if the printer is connected directly via USB, and reconnect the cable. After verifying that the printer is connected via Wi-Fi, for printing, Apple recommends going to start the work you want to publish and click Publish from the File menu.

Of course, sometimes this is a problem, the print job won't print successfully. Assuming there are no physical problems with the printer, Mac users can run Printers & Scanners from System Preferences to eliminate the problematic printer by clicking the icon - and installing the printer clean.

If these measures do not resolve your printing problems, Apple recommends that you reset the printing process by opening System Preferences, selecting Printers & Scanners, and pressing the Control button after clicking the list of devices shown in the left sidebar. Click Reset Printing System which will appear in the next pop-up menu.

Finally, Mac users can rename the printer library to reset Mac printer settings. To rename a folder, users must launch the Finder, select Go from the File menu, then select Move to Folder, Type / Library in the window that appears and click the Go button. Then select the Printers folder (don't double-click it) and rename the folder, for example Old Printers. Continue repeating the steps outlined earlier to install the printer, and then supply the new printer installed.
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