How to recover your Google account if you cannot log in?

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How to recover your Google account if you cannot log in?

In order to perform the recovery steps for your Google account, users are advised to stick to the following. First thing first, users are required to navigate to the official Google account recovery page and then follow the step that is listed down under: 

Once you are on the homepage, you are then required to perform the login in your Google account. 

Start by entering your email id that is associated with your Google account recovery page. After entering your email id, click on the ‘next’ option. 

Enter the password associated with your Google account. Since we are performing the recovery for your Google account, hence you are supposed to select the ‘Forgot password’ option. 

After selecting the Forgot password option, users are required to select an option for receiving a verification code to confirm their identity. 

You will be redirected to yet another window where you will find the options available that are as follows: phone numbers or email addresses. 

Select whichever you want and proceed further. 

After receiving a verification code, users are then supposed to hit the sunlit option.

You will then gain access to the password reset page where you could perform the changes that you desire. 

Create a strong password for your Google account. 

Enter the password where required. Finally, save the changes made by you, and you are done. 
I hope this helps with Google account recovery. For any details, it is highly advised to get in touch with the customer service representatives at Google.

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