How to prevent fraud on your Debit Card?

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In the last few years, the trend of plastic cards has increased a lot. Especially after demonetization, the trend of debit/credit cards and digital wallets has increased manifold. The government is also promoting digital payments. In January this year, over Rs 1 lakh crore transactions were done with the help of plastic cards. With its increasing use, the incidents of fraud have also increased significantly.

Whether you are transacting online or from a POS (Point of Sale) terminal, you can keep a few things in mind to make your debit card transactions secure.

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We are telling you the main things related to its security.

 While withdrawing money from the ATM, carefully look at the machine and the people/things present around it. If you find anything unusual, do not withdraw cash from that ATM.

Use only those ATM machines or POS terminals that you find reliable. Whenever you are transacting, enter your PIN number by hiding

If possible, take fraud insurance on your debit card. With insurance, if there is any fraud with your card, then you will not have to bear the loss

Shop only from online websites that are secure. This type of website starts with https://. Along with this, first the photo of the locked lock is made in it.

If the website does not save your card number and other information, then only buy from it. If a website saves the details of your card and someone hacks it, then the information of your debit card will also reach the hacker.

You must register your mobile number and email id with your bank.

You will get a message and email on your debit card withdrawal or any purchase. Check your bank statement regularly.

If you see any transaction in your account that you have not done, then contact the bank immediately regarding that.

If you complain about any illegal transaction to the bank and if action is not taken there, then you can also complain to the banking regulator Reserve Bank.

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