How to Prepare for IIT JEE Advanced
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How to Prepare for IIT JEE Advanced

It is becoming more difficult to crack IIT in today's highly competitive world. Students in IIT entrance exams are competing against each other every day. To get an edge, they start in the lower classes.

Students preparing for IIT are often under immense stress and pressure. The journey to IIT can be fun if you prepare in a planned and systematic manner. Based on my experiences in this field, I can offer some tips to help you prepare for IIT JEE Advanced (or IIT JEE) and also let you know the best iit coaching in delhi.

1. Identify your strengths - Follow your passion and build a career in that area. Not everyone is able to crack IIT. You may be a candidate for IIT if you're good at math and have a scientific mind.
2. Evaluation before you start - If you are unsure if you can cope with IIT preparation standards, you might consider having an evaluation done before you begin.
3. When to begin preparation - The earlier you start the preparation for iit, the better. Although it is fine to begin in class 11, I recommend that you start in class 9, which will give the student an incredible advantage over other students. It is important to learn at your own pace and enjoy every minute of it.
4. IIT preparation can be fun. Be relaxed and enjoy the process. IIT preparation can be fun if you have a good plan and approach. Only you need to have your conviction, motivation, professional guidance, simple tools to solve problems quickly and clarify any doubts that arise. You will love your preparation as a game. Your passion will be hard work and striving to achieve excellence.
5. Playing or physical exercise - It is a good idea to engage in some form of physical activity. Jogging is a good option. It gives your body and minds a much-needed break.
6. Do more with your time than you do with your money. Concentration and analyzing the concepts and principles with clarity of mind will increase efficiency. You will be able to achieve the same goals in a shorter time.
7. Speed and accuracy - A problem must be solved correctly the first time. You cannot afford to make mistakes, as it could severely impact your rank. Don't rush or skip steps. I will separately address how to solve problems quickly and save time. It is important to remember that solving problems accurately is a habit that must be cultivated through practice. Speed cannot be compromised inaccuracy.
8. You must focus on solving problems quickly - It is not enough to just solve a problem. It is important to focus on solving a problem quickly and accurately without losing sight of the details. Speed can only be improved by using a more relaxed approach to solving the problem, rather than trying to solve it in a hurry and skipping steps. This is a difficult area to tackle, but I suggest making it a habit of thinking about alternative solutions while working on assignments.
9. You can divide your preparation into different levels. It is better to learn with a step-by-step approach. Before you begin a chapter, complete the NCERT level, including any derivations required for board exams. Next, practice all JEE Main level problems and then all JEE Advanced level problems. This will help you feel more at ease and will allow you to finish the chapter faster.
10. For quick reference, keep formulae and concepts close at hand. I advise students to not put themselves under any pressure when memorizing formulae. Keep them around for reference. You will find that you can easily make formulae and concepts your own by practicing the problems.
11. You can make your own notes. This is a great technique for many reasons. Making notes helps you concentrate. Second, you should only write after having given enough thought and analysis. These are your notes. These notes will help you with your quick revision.
12. Do not compare yourself to others or follow other people. Instead, focus on your studies. Do not worry about what others are doing and don't be influenced. Everybody is unique, and everyone has a different way of understanding and presenting the information. Focus on your target.
13. Your personal distractions should be eliminated as you study. You've already entered a competitive world, now you need to be disciplined. Although IIT preparation is fun, and you get a kick out of solving difficult problems, it also makes you disciplined. However, smartphones and social media such as Facebook can distract you. They can become distracting. You should eliminate them, at the very least temporarily.
14. Continuous effort is required to make IIT preparation a habit. Every subject should be given regular and proper attention. Some students find one subject more fascinating than others and will spend more time on that subject while neglecting the rest. Each subject, Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, is equally important and should not be overlooked.
15. As a conclusion, I'd like to say that cracking JEE  and any other entrance examination like NEET can be done. Be sincere, committed, and smart. Your success will come.

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