How To Monetize your Content on Mamby!

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How To Monetize your Content on Mamby!

Modern life is lived on the internet – at least in part. Each of us has the ability to make an online income if we choose to and, with Mamby, it has never been easier to turn that dream into a reality! You could be contributing cool and profitable content to a site that pays! Read on to find out more...

Nobody can argue the fact that we are living in a digital era. From websites for businesses that don't even exist offline to the constant barrage of information we encounter on social media sites... we live in an increasingly online world... so isn't it about time the little guy started to profit from that?

Here at Mamby we thought it the perfect time to reflect over how easy it is to earn money online when you engage with our site. Through our unique online platform you can monetize content, make money per view and also receive one of the most tailored content search engines available. Our one-of-a-kind algorithm remembers you, identifies the content you want to see and refines suggestions to the point where you will come to rely on it for all your online entertainment suggestions!

But first of all: let's talk about how you can be making money online with Mamby, right now!

You Don't Need to be an 'Influencer' to Earn Money Online!

You truly don't! Marketers are slowly learning that niche markets carry more weight in terms of customer engagement than the mainstream markets do. This means that someone with a thousand followers is equally as viable an advertising resource as someone who has a million followers – provided that there niche is correct. In fact, according to marketers RSW, gaining 100% of a niche market is more profitable than cornering a small section of the main market.

Let's consider an example. Huda Kattan is a very well known Instagram influencer with over 30 million followers. She is beautiful, perfect and unique – and any product you put on her will sell. However, her audience are all of the same vein. Think of it as an already demographically categorized audience. You wouldn't want to ask Huda to sell reclining chairs made for people with arthritis... although if you wanted to sell lipstick she is the best there is. Most advertising works on the premise that a firm could endorse her for their anti-arthritic chairs anyway, come away with a 1% engagement rate and still be doing fairly well.

However, if you sell your slightly more specific product to a niche market - perhaps a lesser known influencer or a group specifically dedicated to those with arthritis (such as the Young Women's Arthritis Support Group with only 3k members)– that engagement rating is going to shoot through the roof. You have a higher chance of gaining return customers and your products are being introduced to the 'right people'. Those who will share the news of this wonderful product throughout their community and gain you more custom.

So while both marketing methods are perfectly valid (and while firms need both types to meet that bottom line) you won't earn any money online if you don't have your own niche, content or website to monetize... and that's where Mamby comes in!

What is Mamby?

It is an online platform designed specifically for users to create their own content and get paid for it. We produced a stat-of-the-art algorithm that interprets your interactions with the site and predicts what content you will find interesting in the future. The more you use Mamby, the more it rewards you, either with tailored content suited to you or through being paid for your posts!

Posts on Mamby can be any kind of interesting content. Think of it as a post sharing community similar to Reddit or Pinterest – but with us you get paid per view! The majority of the posts you would be making on other sites you do for free – so why not give it a go and start making money online with Mamby? You can register now, we will wait!

How does monetizing content work?

Monetizing content is a fancy way of saying that you are making money from the things you post on the internet. Some people do it through starting their own YouTube channel and posting regular videos. They then either approach a brand or are approached by a brand to sponsor a product or service. They might also monetize their channel by applying to Google Adsense, AdMaven or the likes.

When you choose to work with a third party advertiser in this way you are loosing a little of the profit gained from selling space on your blog, site or channel to house their ads. As long as it doesn't negatively impact the quality of the content then there is nothing wrong with working this way. However, it is slow and advertisers tend to pay out per impression or per click. You may have to have your ads viewed a thousand times to earn a single dollar – and if the ads aren't closely related to your content the chances of clicks are slim to none.

Fortunately you can avoid all this when you use Mamby!

How do you monetize your content with Mamby?

Now that we have established that you don't need 30 million followers to be worth an advertising investing in you - all you need to do is join the site and start browsing our platform. Whenever you want to post simply go ahead and an account will be opened in your name. You will be paid in Bitcoin for every view – although we hope to support as many currencies as possible in days to come!

...But how do we get paid?

Advertisers use various different methods of paying those that show their ads in their content. They can  offer a cost per thousand impressions as mentioned above in a process known as CPM (cost per mile) (Investopedia, May 2018) advertising. Alternatively they may pay you at a CPC (cost per click) rate (Wordstream).

The third type of advertising pricing model is CPL (cost per lead) (The Online Advertising Guide) advertising. The Fourth category of pricing is known as CPA (cost per action) (Marketing Terms). There are benefits and flaws to each pricing model.

Individual promoters and content creators often get the raw end of the deal in the advertising business. This is because those without a huge following will often fail to even reach a single thousand impressions, meaning the marketers get a little promotion for free. However, should you wish to learn more about this whole process then this article, from Research Gate, will help explain things more fully. We do offer a word of caution when operating as an individual content creator. You may find yourself doing a lot of work for very little return indeed.

At Mamby  you get the best of all four worlds, earning with every view and not per the thousand! The end result is that you get paid while you post – as well as having that unique algorithm feeding you only content that you want to see!

Earn Money Online doing something you would be doing anyway!

The absolute beauty of our online platform is that you can earn money online simply by engaging with the site and performing as you would on any other social media or sharing site. Mamby has very little limitations on what type of thing makes for interesting content. It might be something as simple as a GIF or something as elaborate as a fully formed script – whatever you are into; we won't only help you find an audience for it, we'll pay you too!

See Content you Want – not Content you Endure!

As an added bonus to making money online; when you interact often enough with our site the algorithm will learn your preferred viewing patterns and will retrieve similar content for your perusal. The more you use it, the better the system gets to know you. We wanted to create a platform that allowed online sharing to become similar to being recommended content from a trusted friend. We do that through predicting your needs and answering them without you even realizing we are doing it!

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