How To Make Your Video Get Featured On TikTok’s FYP (Quickly)

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How To Make Your Video Get Featured On TikTok’s FYP (Quickly)

Everyone wants to get their videos popped up on TikTok's "for you" page right. This is because it's one of the easy ways to receive tons of engagement to your videos, even if you have a chance to get viral on this app. You may have a question about how? Well, this article will give you some tips and tricks to increase your chance of featuring your video on the "for you" page.


TikTok is one of the most celebrated social media networks. It has over 1 billion active users. This app became one of the favorites and additive platforms for millions of people. You can find a variety of exciting features, effects, and editing tools. It is crucial to get aware of all those features, especially to be the first person to try out. It helps to make your video display on the "for you" page. 

What is the TikTok "For You" Page?

TikTok's "for you" page is overloaded with trending and engaging videos allocated by the TikTok algorithm. It will push videos based on their interest, preference, and past behavior on this platform.


Let's get started,

Make Use Of Trending & Popular SoundTrack

One of the must-try tricks to get your video on the "for you" page feed is using trending and popular music or songs on your videos. This is because the TikTok algorithm will usually push videos that use current trending songs. Therefore, as soon as you spot any trending song, make use of that wisely. At the same time, while recreating sounds, avoid copying the original videos. Instead, put your own spin and creativity to express your videos. You can add that trending song in your regular videos. Remember, when you start filing trending song videos in your feed, people will be more interested in engaging with your account.  

Creativity & Originality Matters 

Usually, TikTo's feed is filled with millions of videos. Most of them will be the same topics or the same kind; hence, people will get fed up with watching similar videos repeatedly. That's why you need to come up with creative and unique videos for your feed. At the same time, you can't take part in trending or popular topics, challenges, or videos, but you can differentiate your content by filming in a creative way incorporating funny or different concepts. You can even make your video stand out by highlighting your personality, producing authentic content. 

Discover Trending Hashtags 

I think everyone will know the importance and value of hashtags on social media, but you people are hesitant to use trending hashtags in your videos. Once you enjoy the benefits of trending hashtags, you will never refuse to use them. When you add trending hashtags in your content more, you get a chance to buy TikTok fans, and this is because hashtags will increase your content exposure and give more visibility to your videos. As a result, it will gain more engagement rate and appear on the "for you" page. Soon it will go viral and become famous among the audience. Anyways ensure that trending hashtags are related to your content or fame content according to that specific hashtags.  


Winding Up

Remember, if your video gets more engagement rate(likes, comments, views), more people share your video, and watch your video repeatedly, TikTok will assume that your video is something unique and engaging. That's the reason your video will be featured on the TikTok "for you" page, increasing the chance of getting viral. So, while shooting your video, make sure you put out something special and valuable stuff to increase the chance to appear on the "for you" page.

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