How to Install an In-Wall Ironing Board?

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How to Install an In-Wall Ironing Board?

How to Install the in-wall ironing board correctly?

That’s the question people often ask, especially the ones inexperienced with ironing boards. Finding the right ironing board is a challenging task. But installing the same at the right place without any errors is equally tough. You must not only care about finding the wall efficient enough to hold your ironing board in place but also see that it has room enough to allow the board to rotate and fold easily.

In the blog, we shall highlight the ins and outs of installing the in-wall ironing boards properly. 


What is an In-Wall Ironing Board?

Folks often use the terms ‘in-wall ironing board’ and ‘wall-mounted ironing board’ interchangeably because they sound similar. Chances are, you too might confuse the in-wall ironing board with the wall-mounted ironing boards. Although similar, the two are quite different from one another. 

While the wall-mounted ironing centers are to be affixed on a wall, the in-wall ironing board is kept in the wall, usually in a cabinet, hence the name. The term ‘ironing board cabinet’ is yet another commonly popular name for these ironing boards. 

You can install your in-wall ironing board in your laundry room, bedroom, or living room without having to worry about the board disturbing the overall aesthetics of your home. Hidden inside a cabinet, these ironing stations can be affixed almost anywhere in the house. Here’s an easy-to-use guide on how you can install the in-wall ironing board.  


How to Install an In-wall Ironing Board?

Before you start the actual installation process, find a suitable place to install your ironing board cabinet. See that you choose a wall that matches the following features:

It must be a place that can allow you to easily rotate the ironing board as per comfort and requirement.

The wall must have no cabinets or countertops that might disturb the opening/closing of the board.

There must be a good electricity outlet on the wall to connect the iron while pressing. 

If you are using an ironing board cabinet to stow your ironing station, check if the wall you choose can hold weight.  

The location you choose must not be hollow as the hollow walls tend to be weak. 

After finalizing the location to install your ironing board, you need to grab a few tools. To successfully install the in-wall ironing board, you need the following tools.

An electric drill

An appropriate drill bit

Marker or pencil


Now follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Mark the holes on the wall

Align the base of the ironing board cabinet to the wall where you plan to install it. Mark the screw holes on the wall using a pen or marker.

Step 2: Drill the marked holes using the appropriate drill bit.

Step 3: Align the cabinet on the screw holes you have drilled to install the ironing board cabinet. Connect the screws in all the places. Tighten them using the screwdriver. 

Step 4: Check for any loose screws. Once assured that everything is stable, you have successfully installed your ironing center. 

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