How to fix QuickBooks Desktop Doesn't Open error

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How to fix QuickBooks Desktop Doesn't Open error
fix QuickBooks Desktop Doesn't Open
Quickbooks provides impeccable service to its users and proves to be a significant assistance for small businesses. It is a considerable asset for maintaining sales, tracking finance and aid in invoices. QuickBooks shows real support for its audience but a software that will undoubtedly encounter some technical glitches. Sometimes it is found that QuickBooks Desktop Doesn't Open. No doubt its effect on the functionality of business but fixation of this problem is effortless. This blog describes uncomplicated and quick tweaks to solve this problem in minutes.

The root of QuickBooks Desktop Error While Opening

Numerous reasons might be responsible for this problem. Few are listed below:
  • Lengthy company name
  • Degraded Hard Disk
  • Inappropriate installation of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Disfigured QBWUSER.INI file
  • Obsolete Operating system
Signals to Identify this error:
  • Paralysed software
  • Unable to access company files
  • Diminish speed of Windows
  • Dangling of computer
  • The drop-in tempo of computer

Rapid Tweaks to solve this fallacy:


Uncertainty of software will cause harm to business, and the market can witness company fatal consequences. Dwindle in the system of the company's financial sector can decline the performance of the company. Not to worry, this blog reads simple troubleshooting solutions to this kind of problem.

  • KEY 1: Shut process QBW32.exe
In the system, right-click on "Window Taskbar"  and pick "Start Task Manager".
Select "Process Tab" and choose the option of "Image Name" to arrange the process alphabetically.
Search and click on "EXE".
Lastly, click on "End Process" and close "EXE process".

  • KEY 2:Change name of QBWUSER.ini. File
Access the folder within files. If the not traceable search in hidden folder and files
Click on "QBWUSER.ini. File "and select "Rename".
Following the above step, type "Insert. old" in the place of the last filename
Alter the name of "ecml. file".

  • KEY 3: Repress QuickBooks desktop installation
Right-click on the icon of QuickBooks Desktop
Press "Ctrl key "and select "Open" simultaneously until the" No company open "window pops
Open QuickBooks Desktop

  • KEY 4: Mend inappropriate QuickBook Desktop installation
Press" Ctrl+Alt+Del".
Click on "task Manager Option".
Following the above step, select "processTab".
Select any "quickBook Process" by right click
Next, click on "End Process."
Receive a confirmation process and complete it by selecting "End all processes".
Restart "QuickBook Desktop" again.
Select on "Repair QuickBook".

  • KEY 5:Design a new Window Admin User
Navigate and click on "Control Panel".
Double click on "user Account" next to "manage User" and then select "Add".
Enter name and domain of administrator followed by "ok" button click
Select "administrator" if using Window 10.
Finish with a pop of the "User Account "dialogue box and then select "Ok "to end the process.

  • KEY 6:Restart Desktop
Search "Start Menu" in the window
Click on the "Power" button, Followed by another click on the "Restart" button.
  • KEY 7:Install QuickBooks appropriately
Install QuickBooks Software
Reinstall QuickBook Software with Clean install.
Rename the installation folder
By practising the above solution, one can fix this problem quickly, but in case the user faces any problem. QuickBooks Desktop Errors number is always available in support of its user.
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