How to Fix Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding

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How to Fix Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding

Running your computer without an Antivirus tool is a significant risk. There are millions of hackers able to crash and hack your system and personal data. Many tech companies offer Antivirus software to install and protect your computer. You can depend on its complete protection and security.

Norton is an excellent Antivirus software provider company. Various Norton users have reported this Norton antivirus crashing and not responding. You will get some rectifying procedures to identify how to Fix Norton Antivirus Crashing and Not Responding error. To fix such problems instantly, you must call Norton helpline number to troubleshoot it.

How to Troubleshoot Antivirus Damaged Files?

Firstly, go to Norton official website and download the programming tool to fix Antivirus damaged files

Now, press double-click on the downloaded documents and run the apparatus to troubleshoot the changed records

Identify the permit understanding and troubleshoot device to work in a typical pattern

Now, restart your system

After completing the Restarting process, your Norton antivirus will start working.

These are a few troubleshooting steps with which you can resolve this problem. If you can't fix it, go to another step to remove this error.

What Are the Norton Antivirus Basic Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve This Problem?

Access your Norton account and check your subscription and renewal to confirm that you have a valid license to use Norton Antivirus.

Upgrade the Norton antivirus to upgrade with the latest version and restart your PC

Disable any other antivirus software and confirm that you have upgraded Windows on your system

Go through the procedures to know how to re-establish your Windows on System

First, press on the Norton and move to the Properties, and you will see any blunder on properties and programs. Confirm to delete any issue found at the spot

If you get any error message, then go to uninstall and install the program, which will increase your system's speed.

Apart from introducing your Norton Antivirus program, never forget to refresh it.

If the window is still available there, go to interior windows properties and look for any problem occurring in it. Contact the Norton web security team to remove this error.


These are few rectifying steps to tackle Norton antivirus crashing and not responding problems. If you still face the same issue, never hesitate to call Norton TollFree Number to troubleshoot this problem. A technical executive will listen to your queries regarding Norton antivirus and assist you with some accurate solutions to remove this problem. Get all your issues resolved by calling Norton Antivirus experts. You will acknowledge the way Norton technical team will help in rectifying such problems quickly on call. The team is available round the clock to resolve all kinds of technical faults in Norton Antivirus software. It delivers world-class assistance service and performance to its users online.

The Norton has solid, thoroughly trained and talented experts, instantly sorting any Norton error worldwide. The techy experts are working with various organizations to experience user’s necessities.

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