How to fix Epson L380 printer errors?

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How to fix Epson L380 printer errors?
The Epson L380 printer is very popular among the home users as this printer is very cost-effective and offers wireless connectivity. This printer is small in size so the user can put the printer device anywhere. You can connect the printer to your PC or can use the network for taking wireless printouts. The setup process of this PC is also very simple. Epson L380 is a very robust and reliable printer. But there are few issues which the user may face while setting up or using the printer.
Epson printer not responding
The printer not responding error in Epson printer mostly appears due to connection issue. If the printer is connected with a USB cable then try to inspect the cable. Eject the cable from your printer and connect your phone device. If your phone gets connected then your cable is working. But, if your phone is unable to connect then your cable is faulty. Get a working USB cable for connecting the printer. Now check whether your printer is responding or not. If the error is appearing while using wireless printers then you should check your connection point. You can get the error when the router is not working properly. Go to your router and restart the WPS button. The printer will take some to make a connection. Once the lamp light gets steady then you can easily take the printouts.
Paper Jamming
You will merely get paper jamming issues with this Epson printer. Paper jam issues mostly appear on DMP but you can get this error on your MX printer when the paper sheets are not aligned properly. While taking the printouts, if the paper is not fully aligned then it will get stuck inside the printer. You have to remove the paper from the printer to fix the error. Open the access door and take out the paper chunk. Now align all the sheets in the input tray. Again try to give a print command and check whether the error gets resolved or not.
Epson error code 0x97
Epson error code 0x97 occurs when the printer driver is not working. Open the drivers' folder and click on Epson printer. If the driver is outdated then update it immediately. The Epson driver update process may take some time. Restart your PC after updating the printer driver. Now check for the Epson Printer Error Code 0x97. In case the printer driver gets corrupted then can either restore the corrupted files or reinstall the driver. Editing the Epson driver files is not easy. If you don’t know how to repair the files then go for driver reinstallation. Uninstall the Epson driver from your PC and then search for the driver on the Epson site. Download and install the driver and your error will get resolved.
The printer is showing low ink level
Some people reported that they are getting low ink warning messages but they are able to take the printouts. The low ink level message appears when the ink on your cartridge is about to get empty. But you can take the printouts until the cartridge gets empty. Whenever you get the warning message you should purchase a new cartridge as the low ink level will get you faded printouts. Open the access door and take out the empty cartridge. Now install the new cartridge carefully in your printer. After replacing the cartridge, you won’t get the low ink level warning message.
Epson printhead get clogged
The printhead of your Epson printer needs to get cleaned regularly. If not, the ink will clog the printhead. You can clean the printhead by following the steps given below:
Turn on your Epson printer
Go to Maintenance tab
Choose the Head Cleaning button
Now follow the on-screen instructions
Choose the print nozzle check pattern
Hit the Clean button and the printhead will start cleaning automatically. If you haven’t cleaned the printhead for many days then repeat the steps for 2-3 times. Now restart your device and now you can take the printouts easily.
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