How To Fix Canon Printer Black Ink Not Printing

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How To Fix Canon Printer Black Ink Not Printing

Canon is providing optical, imaging, and industrial products with the fusion of Japanese technology. For many years, can is the principal maker of industrial products and provides industry-standard laser printers. It involves the latest technology, yet in 21 century, nothing is free from the glitch. We understand users feel frustrated when your printer doesn't cooperate. Many users have faced printers not printing black ink errors to the addition some have experienced errors after refill the ink tank. This blog will discuss some quick and awesome hacks to the "Fix Canon Printer Black Ink Not Printing" issue.

Let's first begin with a discussion about the causes of this type of printing error.

Empty Ink cartridge

Suppose the printer is having an empty ink cartridge. Then it will not be able to produce the desired result. The printer needs four types of cartridges, and users must ensure that all have an adequate amount of ink to give flawless prints.

Clogged printhead

The printhead is crucial and most expensive parts of the machine. It becomes the printer owner's responsibility to clean the printer head, so it will not lead to ink system failure or ink not being recognized as an error.

Users can eliminate this error by manual means or can apply a deep automatic method.

Incompatible paper

It is a rare cause of the error but still implant error. So the user must use appropriate and compatible paper according to the printer.

Expired Ink Cartridge

You might be shocked after acknowledging that ink cartridges are similar to edible items that also have expiry dates. If the printer got expired, it will not read the printer driver properly and reflect a printing error.

Printer Driver Issue

Problems in printer drivers can be created due to corrupt software drivers of printers, leading to printing colours properly.

It's important to discuss the root of the error to resolve it completely. Now let's move one step forward and dive deep into the troubleshooting ways to solve this error.

Examine the ink level of the ink tank

Users must check the ink level and can perform this task in two different ways.

Firstly users can click on the icon that looks like a teardrop on the bottom of the screen.

The second way is to open it with printer software followed by selecting "Check ink level".Then a pop up will provide an almost exact estimate of the ink level.

Change ink cartridge 

It is a replacement kind of step, and users must apply this step when they see that the ink tank has leaked out. A broken ink tank will create problems.

This is a standard error and can be resolved by applying simple methods. In case you face any problem, dial on Canon Printer Customer Service Number. Or you can reach us out by email mailing on our official email id. Experts are always ready to help customers and resolve their problems in the least possible time.

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