How to disinfect your rental property?

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How to disinfect your rental property?

Ways to stay safe in your short-term rentals

As the COVID-19 situation evolves rapidly, property managers are getting somewhat concerned about reassuring their tenants to take an ample amount of precautions. This rapidly changing situation has brought everyone to their knees.

If you are living in a short-term rental property you might know about the challenges it poses. The rental industry is also facing hard times like others. That is why disinfection and sanitization of the rental property are gaining a lot of importance recently. Once the rentals get disinfected only your guests will be the ones occupying the house themselves.

People who are traveling to a new city in search of new jobs may be a little bit concerned about the COVID situation. This can be eased by making their reservations completed sanitized. You can disinfect the property before even before they arrive, giving them a sort of assurance in these tiring times.

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There are certain cleaning standards for keeping your property germ-free. Additional disinfection can give a certain amount of security but you may have to pay attention to the details and check every possibility from where the germs may spread.

How disinfection will prevent the spread of illness

Some of the diseases are highly infectious. People are the carriers of these viruses and microbes who transfer the infection even before they start showing the symptoms. One sneeze is all it takes for the germs to get transmitted from person to person.

If you see someone sneezing or coughing on the surface then that area becomes an infection site. Even if the person touches his nose or mouth unknowingly, and then touches the items, the thing is more susceptible to infections. You may never pay much attention to it but it is very easy to contract an infectious disease. The COVID-19 has shown us how easy it is for the disease to get transferred from person to person.

We keep reading news and going through multiple segments of information as to how and when the coronavirus develops, how long they stay on the surface, the maximum time they survive on the surface, and much more. But all these details can never prepare you for when it hits you.

So, don’t worry just keep yourself protected and safe from getting the infection, and then you are good to stay healthy. This can only happen if the short-term rental property is properly disinfected after the old renters move out and before you move in. It will do you good to remember that the coronavirus can stay alive for 9 hours or more on a surface. When you are disinfecting the property make sure you give the disinfectant some time to work its magic out before you move in.

Now how do you deal with the disinfectant and sanitization in the property and keep yourself safe? Just following a few simple steps can save you from getting any severe disease. If you are shifting to a short-term rental property you need to know a few tips to keep yourself and others in your family safe. The cleaning service providers may do their job getting the property cleaned but will it make your property germ-free?

Probably not!

For that, you may have to go one step further and get disinfectant and sanitization services booked. So, try and add a few more steps to your household moving regime. Some of them are as follows:

Don’t just go for mere cleaning

There is a very fine line differentiating between cleaning and disinfection. With cleaning services, you are simply removing dirt and dust on the premises. If the service providers use cleaning agents and water to remove the dirt, you can expect them to kill a certain number of germs in the process. But not all of them.

To clean your rental off the germs completely you need to disinfect the premises before you move in. According to some of the sanitization and disinfectant services in Delhi, NCR, it is safer this way and the best way to avoid getting infected. Before moving in you need to ask your landlord or the property manager if the rental property has been disinfected. If it’s a no, you need to make sure that it is done before you move in with your family.

Better start with sanitization

You know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting but also need to take care of sanitization. Even before you start cleaning or disinfecting the area, you must sanitize yourself and the cleaners. This will again protect you from getting the infection while you are cleaning the whole place.

Your cleaners may be coming from different places. They may or may not be carrying germs with them. To be on the safer side you need to take care of the sanitization regime of yourself and your helpers as well. What you need to do is:

Ask them to wash their hands as soon as they arrive. It will be best if you can tell them to follow the correct procedure for washing of hands.

Provide them with disinfecting wipes to sanitize their mobile phones, headsets, or any other gadgets. This is one of the ways to take disinfecting one step ahead.

Sanitary gloves are a must when people come in to clean the property. You can also use rubber cleaning gloves. Even these gloves should be sanitized after use. Remember to discard these gloves properly so that, others don’t get infected by them.

These methods are very efficient in keeping yourself safe when you are shifting your household items.

Do it yourself

Some of the things you can’t ask people to do for you. If your property is not disinfected earlier, you can go ahead and get it done yourself. Sanitization can reduce the contamination caused by bacteria or viruses. As sanitizers can kill 99.9% of the germs on the surface. You can take a sanitizing spray if you don’t get a person to sanitize it for you. All the linens, that includes throwing blankets as well even if you haven’t used them. The packers and movers may have touched them accidentally and that could have left few germs on the way. So, to be on the safer side you can wash them and then disinfect them to remove doubts.

In the same way, you have to sanitize and disinfect all the flatware and dishes. Don’t leave anyone back, and wash every one of them. The team of people coming in to shift the household items may leave some germs behind. To remove that possibility, you need to run them in the dishwasher once.

Plan strategically

When you are starting to disinfect your house there are a lot of things one must keep in mind. Especially if you have pets, kids, and the elderly around you need to be extra careful. A strategic plan is what one must make before they bring Sanitization and disinfectant services home.

You may have to shift your kids and pets to someplace safe. For elder people in your house, you may want to prepare them well. This information will keep them protected. Keep them away from the site of disinfection. Or else it may trigger some very serious health issues such as skin rashes and asthma.

Pest Control

If you have health problems then wear masks all the time. In case you have asthma, you may want to call sanitization and disinfectant service providers in Delhi, NCR home. This way you won’t have to worry about anything. The team will come and do what is required and in the right way.

Just a call to book the date and time of service, before your household shifting. The rest of it will be taken care of by the team.

Gather information before you react

Incomplete knowledge can do you more harm than good. So, when someone tells you to follow a routine, don’t follow it blindly. Take out time to research it before taking any step. You will get a lot of information about the COVID situation on the internet but is it genuine or not you will have to check out with the experts.

Not all of us have doctors as our friends so who should we ask? You can take any serious journal or papers published by a good website to move on with the procedure. It is best to educate yourself in this way when the whole world is in chaos.

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