How to Disable Annoying Popups, Notification and Alerts in Avast?

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How to Disable Annoying Popups, Notification and Alerts in Avast?

Displaying the same pop-ups over and over again or even doing something that unexpectedly finds a pop-up on your device's screen can be frustrating. Every time the Avast popup appears, it frees you from everything you are doing, you need to disable avast popups. 

There are a variety of forms of pop-ups that Avast displays. It is possible to disable all pop-up windows or choose particular ones to eradicate them from the system. 

This means that the permanent Avast pop-up will not activate. Therefore, within this specific section of the report, we will discuss how exactly to disable Avast pop-ups, their alarms, and sound altogether.

The perfect method of avoiding Avast pop-ups will be to enable do not disturb support. It will disable all Avast pop-ups. First, we will disable the noise and then proceed to stop Avast Popups.


How to Disable the Avast Pop-up Sound Notification?

-In the application tray on your screen, click the Avast icon.

-Now, out of all the options, choose the Avast GUI.

-You have to click on "Menu" and go to "Preferences"

-Here you will need to click on Notifications under the general category.

-Uncheck the last option of "enable Avast sound".


How to Turn Off Pop Up Blocker on Avast

-In the application tray on your computer screen, right-click the Avast icon.

-Currently, out of all the options, choose the Avast GUI.

-Go to the "Performance" section and click on "Do not disturb mode".

-Here you will see several possibilities, check all the alternatives.

-If you want to receive pop-ups and notifications from certain programs, uncheck it.

-After evaluating that you want to click "add application" here, you will end up selecting those applications that you want to receive pop-ups and notifications from.

-Currently, from the given list, choose the programs you want to exclude from pop-up blocking, that's it.

This is how you should turn off avast notifications or obstruct Avast pop-ups, you need to follow each step carefully. But if the obtained Avast threat keeps popping up, you can even deal with this specific dilemma by following the similar solutions that can be mentioned here. Also, follow the same steps to disable Avast notifications.

Avast Threat Secured Keeps Popping Up: What to Do?

Avast used to reveal a variety of alarms, pop-ups, and different updated app notifications. You could stop managing the pop-up alarms about Avast updates.


--Open the Avast software and click on the "Menu" and then on "Settings"

--Now click on "Performance" and then choose the option "Software Updater"

--You will see multiple options, evaluate the "Notification about new updates"

This helps prevent the Avast Danger from continuing to appear problems. If you want to know how to stop avast threat secured on Windows-10 and how to stop Avast from appearing on Mac, please follow the process below. This can disable all messages, notifications, pop-ups, and all other alarms.

If you are still facing any issue, you can connect with us 24*7 for technical support. 

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