How to Choose Trustworthy Plugins for Your WordPress Site

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How to Choose Trustworthy Plugins for Your WordPress Site
In this post, we will check some steps for choosing some crucial and trustworthy WordPress plugins for your website. The latest statics shows that the WordPress platform has been used by more than 37.3% of users of the internet. WordPress is more popular because it is the true and best content management system.

But having a WordPress website also means that your website would have some weak points as complete security is not provided by WordPress itself. As per the report of 2017, it has been stated that more than 30,000 WordPress websites are infected. The biggest reason for being a website infected is because of the lack of security and outdated software and old installations.

Thus you can prevent your website from being hacked with the help of WordPress tools. Plus you need to update your WordPress free themes and plugins regularly. This is an important reason why it is important to select the WordPress plugins carefully.

Some useful tips are mentioned below that will help you in selecting trustworthy plugins and will help you in preventing your website from these vulnerability issues.
  • Make sure the plugins you search is able to meet your needs
For a free WordPress plugin, you can go to and need to search keywords for example if you are searching for security plugin then you have to enter the keyword saying security plugins and the list of plugins will get appear. In the same way, you can search for SEO plugins, social media plugins, breadcrumb plugins, and more.
There are more than 10 plugins for a single keyword so make sure to check its features and functionality to meet your requirements.
  • Check the ranking of particular plugins that you choose
You can select the plugin by checking its previous client’s reviews and feedback plus never forget to check its average rating. Top rating plugins should be your highest priority.  Scratched off the plugins from your listed those are having less than 3 stars.
  • Check the total number of installation made
You can find a trustworthy plugin if you have checked the total number of installations. A large number of users will be an indication of the best plugins. Active installation is what we are talking about; you will be able to see this number at the right-hand side of the plugin description. 1000 thousand is not a good number you need to find a plugin that has hundreds of thousands or millions of active installations.
  • Check the updates and compatibility
You should skip the plugin which is not compatible with your latest WordPress version. The plugin should be updated regularly to fix the previous bugs and errors. Check the latest regular updates. If you found that the particular plugin is not updated from few months then totally skip that plugin as it can give you trouble in the future.
  • Check if they provide customer support and complete documentation to setup the plugin
Customer support is very important as you require technical assistance many times plus you require documentation to know how to install that particular plugin especially if you a beginner then you will definitely need these two things. Plus check the history of that developer whether they are able to provide solutions over your problem or not.
  • Ignore the nulled plugins
If you are looking for a premium plugin from a third party developer then does not add a nulled version of that plugins. Because these plugins are pirated version that contains malicious code and it can harm your website badly.

For WordPress free themes there are more than 50,000 WordPress plugin so it is important to sort which plugins are trustworthy and which are not. Thus these strategy will help you out for choosing plugin for desired functionality.

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