How to Buy Silver Bullion the Safe Way

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How to   Buy Silver Bullion   the Safe Way
Well, let's start with coins! I love a good silver bullion coin especially if it's minted by a government mint because then no one will argue with you on the content of the precious metal. If it's a silver eagle that's. 999 fine. End of story (this make the sale easy) My favorite however is the silver Canadian maple leaf cause I'm Canadian: )

Another thing about coins is the denomination is much smaller than say a gold bar or silver bars and you can get them in coin rolls of 20-25. That means when selling, you can sell in much smaller denominations than a 100 ounce bar. This is very good when silver is $1000 an ounce!

But when buying these days, bullion spot price on silver will be a bit less on larger denominations (100 or 1000 oz. bars) then silver rounds (1 ounce coin) but I don't care because it's all cheap to me since silver is going to the moon soon enough. The price is cheap no matter how you look at it. And coin prices are no exception. But having both silver bars and coins is ideal.

Bottom line is I strongly recommend that we all invest in silver bullion. I call my American eagles, "survival silver coins". Because the dollar is dying and what else can protect my wealth besides gold? But I also have gold coins, junk and foreign silver coins. I buy whatever I can get my hands on as long as it's NOT numismatic (collector) or from a company that isn't well known.

I have my silver bullion dealers that I know and trust and you must find yours too. They are mostly good people but just be vigilant when you're purchasing. Let's say you find a coin dealer, just ask her about her history. Go online; do a little research. I like GoldSilver with Mike Maloney personally. Buy Gold and Silver Bullion But there are many others.

If you want junk silver like 1964 silver coins or half dollars, just look in the yellow pages for your local coin shop. Call them up and have a chat - see what they have available and then go down there.

Happy silver hunting!

Cosmo Keenan is bullish on silver. He has a passion for protecting his and your wealth through viable and effective means. Cosmo has had his ear to the ground for a while now and understands what's happening and what's ahead in the financial sector. For more detailed information about where and how to buy silver bullion.

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