How to build an app like offerup?

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How to build an app like offerup?

Offerup is one of the best apps that lets you sell and buy millions of used goods in the market. Moreover, a user can sell their used products by using this platform and the make money instantly. The admin of the Offerup product can receive commission charges from every successful purchase from the website and app. In today’s startup world, many entrepreneurs are looking to build an app like offerup.

Some of them are looking for a ready-made offerup clone script to instantly their business. Here is the quick look into offerup product,

A Quick look into Offerup Product:

Offerup product is available in both the Android and iOS apps. It is easy to use and a popular app for customers to buy and sell products online. It is one of the top five downloaded shopping apps over the last five years.

How does the Offerup app work?

Offerup is a marketplace that connects a buyer and the seller. Offerup provides a win-win situation for all the stakeholders admin, the buyer, and the seller. Firstly, A seller can upload their used product by registering with the Offerup product. Secondly, A buyer looking for a product can browse through and purchase it from the corresponding seller. And at last, the admin, Whenever a customer makes a payment for a product from the website or app, the admin will receive commission amount instantly.

How to build an app like Offerup?

To create or build an app like Offerup, an entrepreneur has two options, they are,

1) Build an Offerup product from scratch. However, it will take more time to develop the website and apps on the Android and iOS platforms.

2) The other option is to buy a ready-made product from the software development companies. It lets the entrepreneurs start Offerup business instantly.

Top 7 Features required to build an app like Offerup:

We list down the top 7 features required to build an app like Offerup. Here are they,

1) Login / Registration

2) Using categories

3) Upload images

4) Chat option

5) Payment management

6) Block users

7) Notification

8) Language management

9) Currency management

Here is the explanation of the features,

Login / Registration:

It is the standard feature that an app like offerup, letgo must have in it. A customer, whether it is a buyer or seller, can register with their email, password. Customers have the option to use their social media profiles to log in, signup as well.

Using Categories:

A buyer can filter the product based on categories. Also, the admin can add, update, delete a product category from the back-end as well. This option is available to establish a good user experience.

Upload images:

A seller can upload images about the product while listing. These images will help a buyer to know more about the product instantly.

Chat option:

It is a helpful feature for both the buyer and seller. The chat option helps to bridge the gap between both buyer and seller. Both buyer and seller can chat with each other. By using this feature, they can share information, collect product info, etc.,

Payments management:

It is one of the main features of an app like Offerup. It lets the customers' transfer payments. And for the admin, they can collect data about transactions based on date, time, month, etc. Admin can integrate a new payment module by using this option.

Block users:

Admin has the power to add, edit, update, delete a user instantly. Generally, a product like Offerup will have policy data. If a user doesn’t work with that policy, the admin can block that user easily by using this option.


It is an essential option for every app. An app like Offerup will send notifications to the customers after the completion of each step.

Language management:

Customers can alter the language settings based on the customer’s language choice. And for the admin, they can update a new language based on the customer user base and traffic.

Currency management:

It is one of the valued options for the customer. By using this option, the customer can view the price based on their currency preferences.

Top 3 Ready-made Offerup clone script providers:

Based on the customer reviews, features, and feedback, We list down the top 3 ready-made Offerup clone scripts available in the market.

1) Abservetech

2) Appscrip

3) Appkodes


Abservetech is one of the top providers for the Offerup clone script. Their Offerup clone script is available with the Laravel framework with panels for the admin, customer [buyer and seller]. Abservetech’s Offerup clone script is available with many powerful features. In today’s market, It is the best provider for the Offerup, Letgo clone script. It is available in the Android app, iOS app, Admin panel, and customer panel.

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