How to become a Silversmith in Singapore

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How to become a Silversmith in Singapore

Before we jump into knowing “How to become a Silversmith in Singapore”., First, what is Silversmith about? A silversmith or jewellery silversmith is a skilled artisan who makes professional jewellery from precious metals (mainly silver), and gems, using metalsmithing techniques and tools. Depending on his skillset, the silversmith can run his own business, making and selling jewellery himself or simply work as a freelancer who makes commissioned pieces for other jewellery businesses.

Metalsmithing and New Metals are currently two main specialisations to get started in jewellery manufacturing and become a skilled metalsmith. What are the main differences between these unique courses, and what can you expect to produce if you become proficient in these skills?

Where to learn Silversmithing in Singapore?

For aspiring entrepreneurs and freelance artists, there seems to be not many learning options in the small island city. Given the highly hands-on nature of jewellery-making, it is important for you to find reputable instructors and institutions to learn the industry’s best practices. This will not only save you time in learning and crafting a profitable path but also maximise the profit made from your effort and purchased raw materials. Hence, even though there are some options to learn silversmithing purely online , it is not recommended.

Full details here: Jewellery Design & Management International School


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