How Much of Yourself Do You Lose?

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I’ve heard things said a lot of times, pertaining to how much a person had changed upon entering a certain relationship. It can be a positive change or a negative one. I reckon one can’t help it, yeah? A relationship can indeed change a person. I guess all that’s left to question is just how much, which will be the basis of it being positive or negative. So,

How much of yourself do you lose?

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I’m talking about your personality. Ok. There’s no right or wrong answer here (depends on where you stand about this matter, though). Granted that you have a personality that’s less attractive than what people would normally prefer, losing much of it will be for the good of everyone, right? Or perhaps you have this steady disposition that you can easily adapt and sort of go with the flow but never risking any loss? Or you’re rock solid, no change ever happening.

But what about people who change a whole lot just for the sake of keeping his or her current partner? Do you think this is healthy?

There’s adapting in healthy dosages and there’s insecure mimicry. I just believe that your personality is your own. Choosing to give it up for something you think is “better” is a foolish thing to do. What if at the end of the relationship you find yourself a stranger to yourself. Yea, with all the “changes” you’ve gone through, you don’t know who you are anymore. Instead of having yourself as a solid wall to lean onto during this time, you’ll be feeling that you need to start all over again.

Again, this is just my personal opinion. Now, it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on the matter? Where do you stand? Is there an allowable amount of change a person can apply within himself/herself?

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Quirks that make you go hmmm

In the dating world, everyone has quirks that make them step back, reassess the situation or in those extreme cases, begin scoping out all the exit routes available.
Many call these the “deal breakers” and I’d like to know what are some of your deal breakers?
For me, those deal breakers were:
No illegal substance use - NOT even recreational
No Cats!  I’m highly allergic
No chewing with mouth open - that indicates a childlike needy nature and according to some experts you may be looking at a person who is doesn’t take responsibility for their own actions.
Lack of empathy - you can tell these people by the way they treat public servants or restaurant staff.  If they’re mean, take the nearest exit!
Poor hygiene - Gotta be clean - period!
There are plenty others, but I’d like to see what you come up with!
So, do tell… what quirks make you go hmmm?

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