How Much Does It Cost to Run a Business with an App like Instacart?

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Instacart is no doubt the trendsetter in the booming online grocery delivery industry. It has succeeded immensely in countries like the USA and Canada due to its resilient business model, great understanding of customer behavior, and innovative measures to adapt to the changing times. 
When entrepreneurs have firmly decided to create an app like Instacart by joining hands with a reputed app development company, they have to fix the budget beforehand to avoid overspending in the end. 

The different facets that directly have a bearing on the cost to incur for Instacart Clone App Development are

  • The choice of tech stack - for front-end and back-end development. Advanced technologies like Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, Firebase, Google Analytics, HTML5, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.js, jQuery, and AngularJS are utilized. 
  • The customization requirements of the business firm - they would aim to display their brand name, colour theme, and logo.
  • The type of features - The entrepreneur has to select the right features to include in the Android and iOS apps for the customers, delivery personnel, grocery retailers, and the admin.
  • The rate imposed by the developers - The professional team members part of the development of an app like Instacart will charge separate rates based on their location, market conditions, skills, and work experience. The team consists of mobile app developers, marketing specialists, finance managers, project managers, technical support executives, and QA testers. 
  • The various stages of development - A well-defined development plan comprises different phases like business analysis, market research, designing the UI/UX, technical documentation, front-end and back-end development, testing, launching the Instacart clone officially in the target market, and promoting its benefits across multiple communication channels.
  • The total time of development - The budget may increase if more time is devoted to Instacart clone app development. The development duration ranges from a couple of weeks to a few months as per the business requirements. 
  • Third-party API integration - An app like Instacart has to integrate with thousands of retailers for efficient processing of orders and data. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers need to be set up for real-time sharing of information. 
  • Additional services - More costs have to be allocated for bug-fixing, issuing new software updates, maintenance, and technical support. 

Final Thoughts

Online grocery ordering will have a strong future ahead due to the rise in smartphone usage, rapid Internet connectivity, and customers’ preference for convenience. Hence, entrepreneurs can strongly dominate this trend in the years to come by curating an app like Instacart sooner than later.

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