How Much Baggage Is Allowed In Qatar Airways International Flight?

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Qatar Airways has a great baggage policy that helps its customers during their journey. The baggage rules mentioned in this policy clearly states that a passenger can bring up to 2 items of baggage on its international flights.

However, there is a slight difference when you consider handbags that are also allowed in Qatar flights. For the economy class, only 1 handbag is allowed but the number goes to 2 for the Business and First Class. Apart from this, various other baggage rules are there which you need to know.

Qatar Airways International Flights Baggage Rules

These rules apply to every passenger who booked their flight in any travel class of the flight. If you made Qatar airways booking, then it is imperative for you to know these rules. We have compiled these rules for you that are given below.

•        The maximum dimension for each baggage should not be more than 20 x 15 x 10 inches.

•        The weight of your baggage should be within 25 - 50 kg and it varies for every travel class.

•        Talking about the hand baggage, it should be within the dimension and allowed weight (15 kg).

•        Items like Laptops and their bags should fit within the hand baggage which you are carrying on the flight.

•        None of your baggage contains any prohibited item unless you have special official permission for it.

•        Baggage information should be provided during booking or checking in online or at the airport.

However, you can also pay an extra fee to take more baggage with you on the flight for both national and international destinations. For more help, contact Qatar airways customer service phone number and talk to its travel expert to know more about the baggage details that you need for international destinations.

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