How Long Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lasts

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Statistics have proven that about more than 20 million adults struggle with substance use disorder within the United States. A majority of those struggling are adults, consisting of about 15 percent who are addicted to alcohol. However, the rest are hooked on substances such as cocaine, heroin, meth, and benzodiazepines. Not many seek medical attention when it comes down to alcohol and those drug treatments.

There are several reasons why those in need are nervous about getting medical attention. They are afraid of what others might think of them, maybe scared to go into withdrawal, or do not want to stop using the substance.

How Long Will I Be in Rehab?

Once treatment planning is accepted, this is an essential question focused on, but there is no direct answer as it varies from person to person.

The time you spend in rehab will focus on aspects regarding the alcohol treatment program's progress and your specialist and other therapists' opinion. However, it is standard to have at least a 30-day treatment within your stay, and the amount of time after that is dependent on your will power as well as maintaining your mindset perseverance for your new-found sobriety.

It is essential to seek guidance at the treatment center where the admissions team gathers around before your alcohol treatment program. They will ensure to work to gain information regarding your past substance use and alcohol to plan for you.

Questions are essential to understanding your historic substance misuse. Thus, you must maintain a fair policy within the answers as they are all compatible with the type of service you shall receive.

Thus, some of the questions which you shall be questioned when entering into the treatment program include the following:

• Are you working? If so, what is your employment schedule?
• What substances have you misused?
• How much of this substance are you currently using?
• How many substances are you using at a time? If so, which substances and how much?
• Do you have any medical conditions?
• Do you have a support system at home?
• What is your current living environment like?
• Do you have a family history of mental illness? If so, with who?
• Do you have any diagnosed mental health conditions?
• Do you have insurance?
• What substance are you currently abusing?
• How long have you been abusing this substance?
• Do you have family members with co-occurring conditions?

The questions above are essentially a guideline that will gather us with the necessary information to understand the severity of your substance abuse and family history, and other diseases. It will also help narrow down what your current home situation is. Information like this is crucial; it will help create a useful recommendation for your stay on a new-found path to sobriety.

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