How Long Does It Take Facebook To Confirm User Identity

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How Long Does It Take Facebook To Confirm User Identity

Have you got your account disabled or blocked on Facebook? Well, then you might be facing issues with logging into it. Besides, Facebook does blocks its account due to various reasons that might be illegal or falls under policy violations. However, one can easily unblock their account by putting a request for the same. But users often wonder that how much time it could take to verify their identity on FB followed by unblocking the account.

In addition, here are the most common reasons due to which Facebook might block or disable your account.

·         Your account is posing any security threat.

·         The user account was created using a false identity.

·         User has been posting spam messages to other users.

·         The account’s post, messages and other activities has been threatening or hurting religious, political or individual sentiments.

·         The account was reported by other users for multiple times.

·         The user has been posting nudity or cringe content through his/her account.

Now, if you are wondering How long does it take Facebook to confirm your identity before unblocking your account, then here’ what you need to know.

How Long It Could Take Facebook To Confirm Your Identity?

·         Facebook takes usually 48 hours to 45 days to review the account identification details submitted through the online verification form. However, the time frame might also vary depending upon the reasons and other reasons.

·         Also, if you have submitted the account verification details during the Covid-19 pandemic, then the review time may also get longer as the Facebook is operating its staff with 50% occupancy.

For more info on How long does it take Facebook to confirm your identity, kindly contact the tech-experts on Facebook and get better help.

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