How is Kybella treatment performed for fat reduction?
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How is Kybella treatment performed for fat reduction?

Everyone desires a great facial appearance. But that never happens to everybody because of excessive and stubborn fat that deposits beneath the chin.


The unfortunate fact about double chin is that you can maintain a diet while doing a lot of exercise and still, the fat may not go away.

If you’ve spent so much time and money on other methods of double chin treatment without success, you shouldn’t lose hope. Just try a tested and proven method you can rely on to eliminate the excess fat under your chin. And that is the kybella treatment procedure.


When you search kybella near me, you will find specialists who offer safe and effective treatment that does away with the submental fullness.


Kybella treatment process


To begin, you need to search for a kybella near me specialist and book an appointment. Your expert will let you know if you are a qualified candidate for the procedure.


The reason why you need to find out your suitability for the treatment is that not all people with double chin issues qualify for kybella. And if you have undergone facial surgery or a swallowing problem, you won’t qualify for the treatment.


Besides, if you're nursing, pregnant, or any medical condition around areas to be treated, kybella treatment won't be the right option. 

Have you searched kybella near me and found the specialist of your choice who has Okayed your treatment? You'll have an injection on areas where you want the excess fat to be removed. It's those injections that help to reduce or permanently eliminate the unwanted fat beneath your chin.


Before injecting you, the kybella near me specialist will cleanse your chin and the neck area. Mapping the treatment area with a temporary tattoo of a grid is done to allow precision when it comes to injections. That helps to avoid damaging the facial nerves.

To eliminate pain during kybella injections, the treatment area will be cream numbed, or local anesthesia is applied.


 Your skin will be injected with kybella at different points on the grid. The injection process may take 15-20 minutes. 


How kybella injectable removes under the chin fat


The kybella near me specialist injects you with deoxycholic acid on the target area which destroys the membrane of the fat cells. When the membrane is destroyed the fat cells die and can no longer store fat.


Over time, the dead fat cells are eliminated from your body through a natural metabolic process. That way, you will have improved looks when all fat cells are removed from the chin.


While a kybella near me specialist can offer one-session treatment that shows positive results, you may require more than two treatments for best results.


If the doctor proposes a series of injections, you'll get them in month intervals. However, the treatments should not go beyond six in total. And after kybella injection, you will have a reduced size of submental fullness since all the fat cells under the chin are destroyed.


While a kybella near me specialist will offer treatment with lasting effects, you need to check your weight to avoid recurrence of fat accumulation under your chin.




All the fat under your chin can be eliminated through kybella injections. That way, you'll have an improved facial appearance which restores your lost self-esteem. Ensure to search for kybella near me, who offers quality and safe treatment at an affordable price. Kybella treatment isn't cheap, but the price is worth it since it removes the double chin permanently. After the treatment, you should manage weight gain since it may lead to the accumulation of fat under your chin again. 

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