How I Worked Through Pressure and NOT the Anxieties of Pressure

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How I Worked Through Pressure and NOT the Anxieties of Pressure

Ridiculous and predetermined thoughts about the worst possible outcomes; a racing, uncontrollable fast beating heart; and perhaps turbulent body movements…when the pressure is on many of us are restricted to sheer discomfort…discomfort that can cause us to crack like a hot glass when it first meets a freezing point. What if I told you that I once was the worst of the worst when it came to pressure, and that after 10 years, I finally found out how to properly deal with my pressure to the point that when it came, I saw the pressurized matter for what it really was, could think exceptionally clear — and effectively — about what needed to get done and could do what was needed to be done with a comfortable smile in the process? That would be considered a big turn around hugh? Well, If I can do it so can you! I’m no better than the next man or the next woman. With what I’m about to reveal to you, you will be able to handle pressure situations as well as anyone in our free world who has mastered the enemy that we call pressure. The funny thing about pressure is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conquer, just the right method from the right guy. Hello!

Ten years ago, I worked as a marketing manager for a high revenue generating, high profile construction company out of Washington,D.C. My duties included many in which required high pressurized decision making and actions in order to boost and maintain high lead and sales numbers. So many pressure situations, so many tough moments and after five months on the job, the amount of pressure turned me into a confusing, rambling and difficult manager to deal with, which reflected on my team, and boy! was I the center of attention…especially when it came to something to laugh about; I could not — to save my life — handle the pressure that came with the job, and yes, my time in that role was limited and my weakness was recognized. The determined, persistent and goal oriented individual that I am, I knew if pressure was my weakness then I had to find a way to overcome. I read many articles online, read many best selling books, talked to experts about how to deal with pressure and none of the advice worked…I mean they helped a little but not to the point where I could handle pressure fluently. After many other occurrences, like last second basketball shots (me shooting airballs), getting reports finished accurately within a short period of time (me turning in assignments with many spelling errors and senseless ideas) and having to find a date in a club when the rest of the gang all have gotten theirs (me with my stupid and offensive conversations) I knew that I was in pretty bad shape and had to do something fast because I was heading down a permanent trail as a permanent loser. So, the journey to win began. And after 10 years, I finally found an answer to my problem and it worked for me like a charm!

Life is so much better now that I’ve risen up from my fall in life when it came to my career, reputation and dignity, due to my inability to handle pressure. I now walk the world in a new confidence, knowing that when the pressure is a coming I can definitely handle it. This method that I’ve used has worked on so many levels and I’m excited to share it with you.

Before revealing this method to you, I want to let you know that this method isn’t rocket science, as I already pointed out to you…the idea is simple. The only difficult part about this method is the consistency factor associated with it during a crazy time of pressure, but I guarantee you that if you stick with this simple method you’ll become a master at it and pressure will work for you versus you working for it.

Ok, now, pressure situations come about in your life and it’s up to you to conquer. When pressure is upon you, your normal result after it’s all said and done is usually an instance of you fumbling/dropping the ball. Now, this is what I’ve found in my studies that have worked beautifully for me when it comes to pressure: repeating the word “pressure” directly to the feeling experienced from the actual pressure, and doing so immediately as it forms before it spreads throughout your being. Allowing that pressure feeling to spread is the cause of the symptoms of anxiety. See, the real problem with pressure is when it gets out of control. Once it has arose, many of us allow it to take over our complete being, causing a destruction in our performances. If we attack it before it grows, we will win!

When the pressure comes (you know, that feeling that comes as a result) we must immediately attempt to overpower the effect by repeating the word pressure over and over again. Never stop saying the word directly to the pressurized feeling is the key: keep the feeling under control. After about a minute your natural mind, body and spirit will process that controlled pressure feeling and you’ll suddenly come alive in complete comfort, clarity, awareness and focusness — you’ll have a complete handle on your pressure. If you do not attack the pressure with consciousness of yourself it will get out of control and that’s when we usually crack. Recognize it, focus on the feeling immediately as it comes and let your true aware self take over. Don’t worry, don’t panic, you will become a pressure overcoming expert in due time. It may take some time to get it down packed — maybe a good week — but if you don’t give up on the method, you’ll have complete control over your pressurized moments and develop that confidents that I’ve developed from having pressure work for me. Ocky docky?

Pressure doesn’t have to be the big bad boss of you. Fighting pressure with the right weapon will free you from despair, increasing your confidence and your performance, which in turn increases your life quality. Be in control of your pressure and do so repeatedly. You are a champion! Now it’s time for you to realize it! Be the best that you can be!

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