How Does a Tide Watch Work?

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Tide watches are specifically designed timepieces that show the timings based on the tide and ebb of the ocean’s surface. It is the perfect timepiece to wear on the wrist, especially for those who love spending long hours on beaches. If you are one of those, you must invest in tide watches which are also known as fishing watches


If we talk about the mechanics of a tide watch, it is a bit sophisticated to understand. But the main purpose of a tide watch is to time the tide accurately. The time-tested analog system installed in a tide watch detects the tidal waves and shows the time based on that. The best thing about tide watches is that they never run back or ahead, even by a margin of a nanosecond. And that’s why they are the best choice for those who want to be punctual every time. 


Setting Up Tide Indicator 


When you buy a tide watch, it does not show the accurate time. You need to set it up according to the tidal waves. To set up your tide watch indicator, follow the given below instructions:


Push the button placed near the crown (a little knob used to set time)

Hold the button for about three to four seconds and wait for the beep 

As you watch beeps, release the button and press it again immediately


By doing so, you can easily set up your watch time according to the tidal waves.


To buy the best-quality tide watches or fishing watches, Hook & Gaff is the best place. Head over to their website to explore a wide range of premium tide watches. 


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