How Do I Log Into My Hotmail Account?

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Hotmail is an exceptionally great service that has millions of its users. It has made strict rules regarding the login activity of its users. They need to login by following certain official criteria that they need to perform. However, they face problems due to certain technical obstacles and need to know how they can login to their account.

How to login to your Hotmail account?

There are various methods that you need to follow for logging in to your official account. The ways which you can use are given here.

Login with Password

Many users are unaware of the correct method which they need to employ for entering into their valid account. If you also need to know the process that is given here, then you need to keep a healthy look at the process that is given below.

•           Visit the Hotmail account login page by using the web browser on your device.

•           Enter the username or email/phone linked to your account.

•           Move to the next section and give the correct password about your account.

•           Click on the Continue button and login to your account for using the services given there.

Login with Recovery Process

Some users forget the password of their account and need to recover it to login to it. In this case, the best way is to contact Hotmail Support and gain details from them. However, you can also finish this task by using a simple account recovery process to login back to your account.

•           Launch a device and open the webpage to login into your Hotmail account.

•           Enter the username of your account and select the Forgot Password option.

•           Choose the recovery phone or email as your option and obtain a verification code.

•           Use that code and, reset the password of your account and login by using that.

Irrespective of the method that you use, you only need to make use of the process that you need to follow. For removing any doubt, you need to employ Hotmail Customer Service through the official phone or chatting method. Ask them to provide more account login details to you.

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