How do I fix it if my Computer is Running very Slow

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How do I fix it if my Computer is Running very Slow

Are you facing troubles or issues with your Computer? Is it running slow? Well, if your computer is giving you troubles, then you have come to the exact right place. In this paper, we are about to share certain tips that are going to help with fixing issues that are adversely affecting the speed of your computer. So without any further ado, let us get straight into this.

There are a couple of things that the users may resort to in case they would like to fix the speed of their computer. Below mentioned are the ways that one could stick to if they would like to fix a slow computer.

Un-installation of stagnant programs that are not being used

If your computer came with several pre-installed programs, and they aren't coming off any use; the best thing then would be to get rid of such programs to increase the speed and the efficiency of your computer/P.C.

Get rid of the temporary files

All the browsing history is something that you need to delete in order to free some space. Freeing up space would directly affect the speed of your computer and it will increase as more space is available. For doing so the users are required to navigate to ‘My Computer. Then select the ‘Main drive’ and proceed further by clicking on the ‘Windows’ folder. Finally, you are required to click on the folder that reads ‘Temp’. Delete the old files and you are done.

Go for a solid-state drive

Your hard drive may be at fault if your computer is running slow. Changing the drive would increase the speed of your P.C. and therefore the slow P.C. issues will waive off. 

I hope this helps with computer is running very slow .

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