How can I retrieve a Forgotten Password?

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How can I retrieve a Forgotten Password?

Have you forgotten any of your account�s password? Don�t worry about it because you can still get access to your account. You just need to perform an account recovery action to get your account back. To know the procedure of recovering an account, you may read further.

Retrieve a Forgotten Password- Procedure 

To recover an account, you first need to visit the sign-in page of the account. 

Then you need to enter the username of the account that you wish to recover. 

Now you need to move ahead to the password section. There you need to select the Forgot Password option.

After that, you need to verify your account using a phone number, email, or security question.

After completing the verification, you need to head over to the password reset page.

On the password reset page, you need to set a new password for your account.

Now, you need to confirm the password.

Now you need to save the changes and complete the procedure. After resetting the password, you can try to log in to your account with the new password. If you wish to recover a Google account but have this query, How to Change Google Phone Number? Then you can contact Google customer support for assistance on this. If you are trying to recover any other accounts then you can contact the customer support team of the respective services. 

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